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To be honest, the article below is not mine. I’m a subscriber of a mailing list and this is the content which I found interesting for us to think critically. Check it out…

We are as strong as our weakest link. That is a self explanatory quote as well that does not require any further elaboration. If we were to ask ourselves what is the weakest link of the Malays, my answer would be our ability to be united without any personal gains. This was how we had lost our country, and this is how we are going to lose it again. Our forefathers had found this weakest link in the past, united the Malays and gain our independence. And yet, we are now again at the driving seat of heading back to the dark era of the Malay existence by being drowned in greed, power and wealth; at the same time being divided and conquered by those who knows our weakness and take advantage of them.

The Malay race and the word “melayu” has been in existence for close to 2000 years. “Maleu-kolon” (pronounced as Me-lay-u-kolon) as used by Ptolemy. However, during that length of existence, what greatness have the Malays achieved? In the past 2000 years, the Negroes, Melanochroi, Mongoloids and Xanthochroi have travelled the world and succeeded in all arenas where we, the Malay race had failed to achieve any greatness even in our own territory as before any of us would able to do so, some other Malay will try to bring us down. Why can’t we be proud of our own people who excel and succeed? Why do we have to kill ourselves and indulge in a world where emotions overcome reasons?

What was it that they had done right, which we have not? Rather than fighting each other, why don’t we help each other like other races, the Jews for instance? Have anyone ever wondered how a population of a few million can literally control the destiny of the 6 billion human beings on earth? How did they do that? Why was the banking cheque created? Who had created commercial loans, bank notes, etc? It was them and it was created to help their race to become a global powerhouse. They had learned their mistakes after losing their country for decades and centuries being ruled by other than themselves and yet, without a country; they are capable of gaining their country back and doing what they are doing today.

Why is there not a single poor Jew in this world? We had lost our country for a few hundred years as well; but look at where we are? We are fighting each other more than before and one fine day, we WILL again lose. We blame them for terrorising Gaza and Lebonan but wouldn’t we be doing the same when we lose our country again and try to regain it. The difference is, they knew that they cannot afford to lose their country again thus that is what unites them throughout the world.

We on the other hand, NEVER LEARNED and is STILL POOR!!!! “Sell not virtue to purchase wealth, nor liberty to purchase power” – Benjamin Franklin

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