Sony Ericsson K810i versus C905

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I’m not really in the mood yesterday evening and today. Why? After two rounds of bowling game with my wife yesterday, on our way to pick-up our son from school, my sony ericsson K810i suddenly became inactive! that had happened several times within 2-3 weeks time. Usually I will switch it off and switch it on again. However, yesterday, it won’t switch on again!

I attempted every skill and knowledge I have in order to restore my K810i, but until 2100 hrs yesterday, I finally decided to use our spare hand phone. I transferred my sim card to our RM100 Nokia hand phone (don’t ask me what model) because I don’t know. I think that Nokia hand phone value now is only RM50, but at least I can still call and sms, but not taking photos etc.

I wonder, was this happening because I have already set my mind to own a brand new Sony Ericsson C905. I blogged about it last October and I really fancy this phone. It’s simply a genius hand phone with 8.1 MP camera and GPS incorporated inside it as well. Well, I don’t want to believe that. Maybe it’s about time I have to depart with my beloved gadget, K810i. It has been a very excellent servant and I’m very pleased having it as my loyal companion. I’ll decide today whether I’m going to send it for repair or keep on using this old nokia spare phone or buy Sony Ericsson C905? What do you guys think? or recommend? rating for Sony Ericsson K810i: 5 star

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