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Normally, a blogger will share information with his or her audiences. The information can be in a form of experiences, important information, videos, stories, gosips, crazy politics, photos etc.

But, now, I’m not going to share anything. Instead, I need some favour. I have few questions and I wonder is there anyone outside there who can give me a hand on it. My question is simple:

I have a hotmail account but I rarely access my hotmail account. I want to keep the hotmail account because I receive important updates once a while from very important parties. I would like the hotmail email to be automatically directed to my gmail account which I access almost all the time. I have checked in the net and also tried exploring hotmail on how to transfer hotmail emails to gmail, but still I have no luck on it. If anybody have similar experience or know how to settle my problems, I really appreciate it very much.

That’s it. Hope to see some helping hands here 🙂

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7 Responses

  1. azwan says:

    seldom use hotmail, but it should hv a redirection setting somewhere 🙂

  2. budeen says:

    no! i dont want to share..
    (sorry actually i dont know)

  3. titan says:

    ehm..pakai je email hosting sendiri. pastu, ko redirect ke Gmail.

    Senang. Itu je yang aku wat..

  4. zaki blogjer says:

    Option -> More Option -> Under ‘ Manage Your Account’ choose ‘forward email to other…..’

  5. zaki blogjer says:

    If you want to download all emails from Hotmail to other email client, read this –

    If you just want to forward it to your other email, read my first comments. hope it helps

  6. cyza says:

    This method is different than what I want it to do. Anyway, thanks for sharing this info.

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