Integrated Weekend

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I got few interesting activities (might not look interesting to you though) to be carried out this weekend. Among them are:

1. I’m preparing a brief proposal for a sub-topic for an environmental impact assessment (EIA) project involving a huge company. I have no expertise in this field but it’s interesting to learn about it. It’s something about electromagnetic force (EMF) and also Flight Path. I assumed most of you have no idea what I’m discussing here. No problem, I’ve no plan to elaborate on this.

2. I’m also preparing for an article related to biomass and energy which is to be submitted in the They’ve requested an article from us to be published in their inventory.

3. I’m planing to complete a monograph (research book) prepared collectively by my research group. The monograph will be about gas to liquid conversion. This monograph has been with me since last december and it’s pending for proof reading and later publication.

4. Going to prepare for the earth hour in my residential area. We’re going to have karaoke in front of my house organized by KRT (Kumpulan Rukun Tetangga) committee. The karaoke will commence at 8.30pm and let’s see what the earth hour will look like. I hope to record something using my Sony Erickson K810i handphone. I’m not sure whether it will work but let’s just see.

5. I still hope to fill up the e-form by this Monday for my research grant application. I’m planning to apply somewhere around RM200k for 3 years period. I hope this application will be OK. I was quite disappointed because my recent grant application was rejected. I only applied for RM36k and they rejected me. Is it because I applied for such a small amount?

6. Just watched the movie Quarantine (2008) at home on my wife’s Toshiba Laptop. We haven’t had any idea what the storyline was all about. I did screamed a lot. If you haven’t seen this movie, it’s a good movie to watch because you’ll want to know what the ending is going to be. However, if you have heart attack, please don’t watch this movie.

7. Yesterday night, I watched the movie Leaving Las Vegas (1995) starred by actor Nicholas Cage and Elizabeth Shue. We watched it because of the big names but found the film so slow. I’m sorry to say that I regret watching it. We also watch this movie in the Toshiba Laptop plus my 9 years old multi-media speaker system (with no brand).

8. Tomorrow, our KRT will be organizing sports carnival a.ka.a sukaneka keluarga. We are inviting 2 VIP and they will be served breakfast at my house. I forgot who the VIP were, but I’ll just prepare whatever necessary for the event. We’ll also be participating in some of the games contested.

9. I’m very pleased with the performance of our Ceramic Business Club performance. We are not as aggresive and as active as my younger brother, but we are currently standing at RM1,300 plus a month with extremely minimum efforts. At least we have some extra income to spend or saved. I must admit that I envy my brother’s income which is now close to RM8k. He has achieved 100k plus sales last month and he was challenged to get RM 1 million sales by July. He’s very serious in his business, a good leader and if in case you’re interested to learn about this business, you can rely on him to explain, teach and guide you to financial glory. If you are interested, you can sign up as a free member here.

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4 Responses

  1. hahaha..pandai je lu..
    mane ade 8k..senyap2 sudah..

  2. cyza says:

    Eleh, merendah diri la tu…Alhamdulillah, syukur.

  3. KNizam says:

    active ko ngan KRT eh. good ! hehe 🙂

  4. cyza says:

    Sikit-sikit je bro, not that active sangat pun, tapi sukaneka tadi sudah cukup menghanguskan muka dan tengkuk aku! Macam udang galah jadinya. Nak solat pun dahi rasa macam 20% rentung 🙂 .

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