My 8 Year Old Auto Haier Washing Machine

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Guess what?

My 8 year old automatic Haier 5.0kg capacity washing machine broke down 2 days ago. My hypothesis were because of the age factor and also possibly my maid exert too much load into it. Never mind.

As an engineer, I troubled shoot. I removed the spinning disc and check the shaft. Hmmm…it seems not ok. I planned to get a replacement for it. But then, I stopped and checked the shaft. The shaft is not rotating but I can hear the motor running. Hmmm there must be something wrong with the shaft so I “terbalikkan” the washing machine and found out the “timing belt” was torn.

Just now, I hunt for the belt and after getting some useful information from an electrical shop, i went to an electrical repairing shop to ask for similar type of belt. To cut short the story, I got a new belt – same size but not sure what brand it is. Never mind.

I found out that the belt was the problem

I searched for a new belt and found 1 which cost me RM10.

I position the new belt on the pulley connecting the motor and the shaft. Job accomplished.

At home, I attach the belt onto the motor and the shaft and successfully run the washing machine. Now, I’m running the washing machine on a lighter load, just to flush and clean it. Gosh, I’m glad that I took the effort to trouble shoot the washing machine faulty. I learned the inner (bottom) part of the washing machine and at the same time save some money (not sending for repair/service and not purchasing a new one) 🙂 …

Other related experiences:

-I repaired my refrigerator because the temperature was too low due to rheostat malfunction. Everything inside the refrigerator became frozen!!!

Repaired temporarily the piping at my neighbour’s house.

-Repaired my son’s control cars.

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12 Responses

  1. budeen says:

    kasi tukar jela..

  2. azwan says:

    so, can i call you the next time i hv problems with any of my equipment?

  3. cyza says:

    Budeen, why should I change to a newer washing machine if it is still in very good condition? Imagine your Honda car which is in superb condition suddenly cannot run simply due to the timing belt is almost worn out. You won’t dare to use the car in order to protect your engine. You’ll definitely replace the timing belt and can use your beloved car again.

    The same case with my Haier 5.0kg auto washing machine. It’s just a timing belt failure and I replace it in do some other minor maintenance and just now my maid already washed bunch of our clothes.

    But, maybe we can upgrade the washing machine to a higher capacity, maybe 7.0kg or 10.0kg washing machine later when the existing Haier washing machine cannot be saved anymore.

  4. cyza says:

    I’d love to help if I’m in in KL. I can give free consultation when diagnosing your washing machine or refrigerator. I can give you tips to save energy as well. That’s what we are doing in our house – minimizing and saving energy – cutting down our monthly utility bill.

  5. azwan says:

    do a post about ‘saving electricity bills’ i am sure it will help a lot of people. i am currently paying about … avg RM130/month – with 2 airconds.

  6. cyza says:

    Short answer for electricity bill is adopt solar and capacitor and use it for your aircond(s). Use, the one with inverter installed.

  7. cyza says:

    Anyway, I’ll make a post on that soon. Interesting and I hope I can help some people reduce the house hold utility bills.

  8. earnword says:

    ler..duit ceramic ada. sambarla satu..

  9. cyza says:

    Money can be kept for something more important. Don’t just buy a replacement if your stuffs broke down. Consider repairing it if it can be done. Save some money and accumulate them for your future use.

  10. budeen says:

    i heard using aircond with inverter is very costly.. the wiring, pipping are different from the normal one.. is it true?

  11. cyza says:

    The capital cost of an aircond is slightly expansive due to the inverter. Of course when the inverter is there, extra wiring is required but the piping is still the same. Inverter role is to optimize the current usage in any electrical device based on the demand load. Without inverter, the current supply is always at maximum load.

    We can check the electricity consumption using a power meter and see significance decrease in the kilowatt per hour usage.

  1. July 1, 2010

    […] or electrical problem. Before this, I have repaired the washing machine several times, all due to mechanical fault. I need to look into this very soon, otherwise our maid have to keep on washing our clothes […]

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