Win A Fully-Loaded Dell Mini 12

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Yes, you read that correct. If you want a chance to win a cool Dell Mini 12, enter the April Challenge organized by The April Challenge is simple but the tough part is to get qualified subscribers for the magazine, white paper or ebook we offer.

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“High-payouts and more! RevResponse is a pay-per-lead ad network. Guaranteed payouts – every qualified lead generated earns you a minimum of $1.50.”

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Some information on the April Challenge…

They’re announcing the April Challenge (and no, this is no Fool’s Day joke). One lucky winner will receive a fully-loaded Dell Mini 12. The spiffy, slim netbook will be yours if you take on and win this exciting challenge.

Goal: Generate 100 more subscriptions than your highest volume month in the past 12 months (April 2008 – March 2009).

Rewards: Any partner who beats their best month by 100 subscriptions will be entered into a drawing for the Dell Mini 12.

BONUS: For every additional 50 subscriptions that you generate in April, you will get a second entry into the drawing.
*This reward is in addition to the regular commission payments you will earn.

The fine print:
1. To be eligible, your subscription total must be at least 150 subscriptions. Any partner whose best month totaled less than 50 subscriptions must generate 150 in order to be entered for the prize.

2. Subscription counts are based on the total number of subscriptions generated across all sites in your partner group.

*This contest is only available to partners who have converted to the RevResponse system.

All you need to do is:
1. Email the organizer to let them know that you accept the April Challenge – or leave a note in the comments (in their blog in the member area).
2. Promote RevResponse offers in order to up your subs.
3. Wait for the drawing announcement.

Need promo materials?
Be creative and monetize every avenue of your online existence. Don’t know what to do? Just ask! They are always happy to give you suggestions to help you up your earnings (even in months with no challenges).

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3 Responses

  1. bantingboy says:

    i hope you will win cyza. 🙂

  2. cyza says:

    It’s tough. I don’t think I can win it but at least it motivates me to work and promote to get more leads, which means more cash. hehe…

  3. samdaddycool says:

    ku ingatkan contest dlm… 🙂 tapi kalau menang laptop ni… perghhhh.. leleh siot!

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