6 Days Downtime

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If you came to my domain recently, you’ll be amazed because you saw something else and not this lovely site. I had some bad experience with a hosting company that I’m attached to. which resulted to few of my weblogs suspended. I don’t know what went wrong and the hosting company also could not figure it out either. I was forced to migrate to another hosting company, rawanaz.com, which I’m extremely happy with. They’ve provided superb service in assisting me all the way.

Does it effect my online income?

Luckily I’m not yet up to that super duper level where I earn substantial cash from the net. But I can say it did slightly affected my earning in few ways. And because of that, I’m going to take extra precaution on all my accounts in all hosting. I used to have 2 hosting but now I’m down to 1 only. I’m going to look around for other reliable hosting(s) to hold tight of my domains.

My adsense income is slightly effected but I still manage to earn enough in May 2009 (to be withdrawed in June) despite the breakdown. Luckily my other blogs hosted with blogspot.com are actively running. They are no worries with those blogs. My revresponse earnings are spectacularly running smooth as well, thanks also to my blogspot.com blogs.

However, Linkadage has canceled off my account with them simply because they failed to detect their codes inside one of my blog which until now is still not active. No need to mention which one. There goes one contributor to my paypal account.

Moral of the Incident…

Hmmm I can think some good morals. One of them which is very important is to spread your domains into few hosting companies.

Ops…need to fill up my tummy and get my April Adsense income from western union…c u later… to be continued

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5 Responses

  1. samdaddycool says:

    … I realized that, unfortunately.. I dunno how to ctc u… (forgot bout ur ym..).. 😛

  2. eyeman says:

    erk..which hosting?

  3. cyza says:

    It’s ok. This is my first such experience and it’s a total horror. Just imagine if you are doing full time internet business and your website cannot be viewed? You’re losing lots of money out there. It’s just like working in a factory/plant where suddenly the power was cut-off. Imagine the down time. I’m losing some money, but not that much. I still manage to earn my monthly passive income. However, Linkdage already cancelled my account because they cannot detect their script codes in one of my blog for 3 times. Too bad 🙁

  4. cyza says:

    MalaysiaHoster. I don’t know what when wrong neither to them. They just said that my account is using more than 10% of their server resources. I know that my traffic and bandwidth is not that high. I can easily check that from my cpanel. They have helped me recover the first time the down time occured 8 days ago. However, when it happen the second time, they suggested me to migrate to another hosting company, which what other choice to i have. So, I transfered eveerything to Rawanaz. Malaysia hoster cannot identify what when wrong and I’m quite disappointed with that. I still don’t know what when wrong!!! I wish somebody can help me figure out what was the real problem.

  5. Jomtonton says:

    Tak semua hosting provider ni ok kan..
    Kadang nasib jugak dapat yang ok..
    Bila down habis semua tergendala

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