Jingga Studies, The Eye Specialist

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After missing a review last week, I’m back with a new blog review after making my debut review on Samdaddycool blog 2 weeks ago. This time I’m going to review my friend’s blog who is a medical doctor (Alie, correct me if I’m wrong with this fact). He is currently doing his masters to be come a eye specialist in Kuantan, Pahang.

Alie runs a blog called Jingga Studies on a blogspot.com platform. He created his blog on 17th March 2007 and published his debut post called number one.  He blogs pretty much about anything that lingers around him and what he is interested with, that’s normal right. I can say that he normally blogs about current political affairs, traveling, life, sometimes about his story as a doctor etc. One story that is quite interesting is Kena Belasah. I’m certainly not that kind of patient or father’s patient but Alie handled the situation professionally. There are some other doctors out there who could not be stand it and launch an attack to the furious patient.

One important page that is not incorporated inside Jingga Studies is the About page. This is definitely one of blogspot.com weaknesses. About page is crucial for first time visitors to know more about the blogger behind Jingga Studies and also to comprehend what is the blog all about. I would recommend Alie to tweak his codes a little bit and insert an About page. There’s some way to do this. One way is to set up a new blogspot.com account and treat it as your About page, then link it to Jingga Studies. Another way of doing it is to change your blog template to the one which has several other pages inside the main page. GeckoandFly.com has some interesting looking blogspot.com theme with pages inside it.

Another point that I observe from Alie’s blog is there’s no monetization. This is totally optional. Off course some bloggers are eager to share their thoughts and experiences and not to make money. Alie is one of them. From his blog, we can say that he is not intending to make any money. Just like me here in Cyza Sector. We just share my experience and information. There’s no ads inside here.

I would like to recommend Alie to move into a higher level of blogging using a wordpress platform. WordPress blog is powerful and we can use many plugins to optimize the functions.

I would also like to recommend Alie to install a feedburner account to get other readers to get email updates from his writing. I’ll be very happy to be among your first subscribers after you introduce the feedburner subscribe by email in your blog.

So, head straight to Jingga Studies and see the mindset and adventure of an eye specialist.

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p/s: What do you Alie…?

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13 Responses

  1. samdaddycool says:

    I like his story as a doctor…

  2. cyza says:

    Haha… glad you like it. Alie, ko ada peminat…hehe 🙂

  3. its rare to know malay eye specialist. Finally, we have one.

  4. cyza says:

    Yep, I’m not sure on the statistics but having him as an eye specialist is great. At least we know somebody who also blogs part time. Maybe we can get extra discount by mentioning that we are a blogger too… he he…

  5. samdaddycool says:

    ..dulu ada cita-cita nak jadi doktor maaa…

  6. eyeman says:

    so, now. I can ask him more about eyes. Hehe..

  7. cyza says:

    Why not, he is the eye expert.

  8. alie says:

    oh macam mana boleh tak perasan this review!!…thanks a lot man!!!! really appreciate it! btw i am not an eye surgeon yet ..still in training!…again thanks zaki for the review!!! ..nanti bila ade time aku blog about this!!!

  9. cyza says:

    No problem Alie…Glad you appreciate it..

  10. Toyota says:

    Nice article, tnx

  11. Volkswagen says:

    Great thanks
    Cool blog 🙂

  12. Eye Care says:

    One thing to think about though is, if you never worn contacts before you are going to have to learn how to put them on. So as a recap, call up your eye doctor tell them you want an eye exam and you want to try contacts lenses.

  13. you may just need to get your glasses adjusted it they are slightly bent they need to be readjusted to the point you see where you are supposed to be seeing. If that doesn t work then get them checked…

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