Gadgets Wanted

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It is a fact we have to accept that after some time our gadget will get older, out dated, malfunction etc. The same goes with me. After a while I need to change some of my gadgets. I’m going to get a new digital camera, new hand phone, new printer and new laptop (for back-up).

New Digital Camera required

Our family’s Nikon 5.1 mega pixel digital camera was purchased in 2004 and it is very old now. The display is already in very bad condition. I think it can be repaired but I’m not sure about the cost. I prefer getting a new slim sleek small digital camera. I’m now eying for a new Panasonic Lumix DMC-FS 6 digital camera 8mp with lithium battery. I don’t prefer the AA size battery because the lithium battery is more convenient, just like the hand phone. The prize of the Panasonic Lumix 8 mp camera is about RM599 in a digital camera outlet in Jusco Taman Universiti. I will also visit Courts Mammoth Larkin because I notice an attractive offer in an advertisement sent to my house. I’ll make a post about it when after buying one.

New Hand Phone also required

My Sony Erickson K810i are now in poor condition. I think the battery-power connection has broken or something else… It could not charge my hand phone and I’m so sad and disappointed. Now, I’m using our family back up hand phone, Nokia 2100 which is very simple. However, the Nokia 2100 is creating some other problem now, I can’t sms other people!!! That’s bad. It could not serve the basic purpose of a hand phone which is for calling and text messaging. I’m not sure which hand phone to choose right now. I think I still prefer Sony Erickson, perhaps C903.

New Printer also required

Since I bought the 4 in 1 HP 5600 printer last year, I have hardly use it. I’m so frustrated with the printer. The cartridge holder could not move freely as it was supposed to work. As a result, the printer was covered with dust and after massive trouble shooting by me and my wife, we decided that the printer was useless. I can only make myself feel good to say that at least we can use for scaning document. So now, I’m thinking of getting my IT department in my house a new canon laser printer which I plan to purchase in Jusco Taman Universiti. The Canon laser printer cost RM399. I have not yet studied the specification or performances but I think it should be OK for domestic use.

New Back Up Laptop required

This coming december, my current HP laptop will be 2 years old. It is still running perfectly fine. However, I still need to prepare back up for it if in case it suddenly create unwanted problem. I hope it won’t. I’ll be getting a new Toshiba laptop from work and I plan to make it a back up for my present laptop. ‘m not sure when I’ll get them, but I believe it will be soon.

Well, those are basically some of the items that I badly need right now. Not sure when to buy them, but I can say really soon.

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12 Responses

  1. super hero says:

    my HP printer is still working fine. the only problem with that kind of printer is that the catridge kering kalau lama tak guna. ambil tisu, basahkan sikit and dah boleh guna balik dah.

    regarding the camera, taknak ambil yang waterproof type, the one like i bought?

  2. cyza says:

    It’s good that your HP printer is working fine. Mine, well no luck. Still I need a printer for my online activities at home. Or should I call it co-curriculum activities.

    Digital camera… I know about the water proof digital camera, but I think I don’t need it. Not sure yet. Maybe I can consider it.

    Good news.

    I just received my new white Toshiba laptop. It awesome and cool. I’ll blog about it soon.

  3. titan says:

    sekarang aku pakai Pixma yang all in one tu. So far memang ok la. Harga pun under RM250 aje. Semmua boleh wat kecuali fax.

    HP pun ok. Cuma printer ni kene selalu pakai. Kalau jarang pakai, memang cepat rosak. Lagi2 kalau katrij..kalau selalu main refill aje. Beli je katrij baru.

    Handphone. Aku lum lagi nak beli baru even hp sony tu memang dah demam selsema. Rasanya memang kene cari gadget baru cam ko gak la..

  4. cyza says:

    Yep titan, maybe you’re right. Printer should be use from time to time and not just left in on dusty corner in the house or office.

    Let us know what hp you have in mind to replace your sony erickson hp (in fever).

    Yeyeye… Got my new white Toshiba laptop… ­čÖé

  5. Abu71 says:

    Bosan dan membazir tukar-tukar gadjet tu,selagi boleh pakai –pakai je la..

  6. budeen says:

    yup! buy a waterproof compact camera like azwan did.. recently gua pegi beach, rasa tak syiok plak tak bleh shoot underwater.. takkan nak selam bawak slr kut? huhu

    you can get a brand new nokia 2100 below rm100..

    printer – i dont want to own one.. consume space, requires maintenance, etc.. i’ll fully utilize office printer.. hahahaha

    thought of getting macbook pro tapi pikir2 balik it’s more to satisfy wants rather than needs.. tu tak cakap lagi Panasonic Viera 42 Plasma, Bluray player, Sony PS3.. isk nafsu betul… since ASB tak penuh lagi, so i decided to dump the extra money there..
    delayed gratification requires focus & strong will..

  7. cyza says:

    Ini kira dah nyawa2 ikan la Dr. Abu…

  8. cyza says:


    I wonder can the waterproof digital camera work under sea water?

    Hand phone, I’ll get that sort out soon.

    Printer, Office printer is very good but I’m using it for my official job. Home printer is for home business.

    Laptop… Got my new back up laptop already.

  9. budeen says:

    how was the cruise tebrau? Ok ke?

  10. cyza says:

    It was Danga – Tambak JB cruise. The cruise was OK, at least we experienced it. Mama asked me to become the deejay!!! Anyway, it was interesting. Will blog about it later in a few days time… look for it soon.

  11. azwan says:

    the one i use is panasonic lumix. you can refer to some of the pics taken underwater (seawater)

    tak sempat blog about it lagi.

  1. July 26, 2009

    […] mentioned earlier that I need a new laptop as a back up for my HP laptop. My HP laptop will be 2 years old this coming December. The HP laptop […]

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