Is my online activity healthy?

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I know I haven’t spent that much time in this blog recently. I don’t like to leave Cyza Sector empty without good content or my unimportant rambling. However, this is the fact. I’m committed to my Ph.D and I’ve got to spend my time wisely. I want to complete my Ph.D as soon as possible within the allocated 3 years given by my employer. I’ve dedicated to record my post graduate journey.

It’s really a mixed feeling because at the same time, I fancy blogging and other making money online activities. Am I going to let all of them go? Nope. It’s definitely a big NO. I need to rearrange my time and plan each and every activity of mine wisely. I’m going to optimize my daily hour totally on my research and official activities. I’m going to re-organize my online activity goals. I’ll spent perhaps 1-3 hours at night per day on my online jobs, which include blogging, learning, establishing my online business etc.

I really missed the time when my blog was heavily visited and comments were rushing in. I need to fine tune my strategy and execute a plan to further boost Cyza Sector to a better level. So, just wait for some changes that I’m going to apply.


Adsense has consistently giving me something on a monthly basis. However the challenge is really how to grow this income higher than what I’m presently earning. It’s tough. It’s difficult. I’m still learning and exploring ways to enrich myself in strategies to power my adsense. So far I estimate that I spent about 30-35% of my online time on this.


This is the second highest and consistent income provider for me. I love revresponse because it is easy, simple and people like free stuffs. It’s not difficult to promote this. Just insert the ads in your post or sidebar or make a short positive review on magazine you selected. If your blog has such a flux of traffic, this will be an extremely good supplement for your additional extra monthly income. Time spent is about 5%.

Other income generating programs

Apart from the 2 programs mentioned above, I also earn from text-link-ads (TLA),,,,, used to earn from smoorty etc (I can’t remember the others). I have not yet earn from Advertlets and Nuffnang. I got fed up waiting for kontera (which is just like


I’ve been very excited with e-bay early this year. I’ve spent substantial amount of time exploring and learning the tips and tricks to so call build my e-bay business part time, off course. I’ve got a number of positive comments (which I gained through purchasing) and I may be ready to start selling online. I don’t really plan to be extremely active in e-bay. I may only spend 5-10% of my online time on it. What to sell? I’m going to identify any unused items in my house. I will also help my colleague sell his factory products which I hope can penetrate international market share.

Opt-in List

Opt-in list is very important, as stated by all online gurus. I have not yet subscribed to a system of building my online business. Blogging for sure is a way to share stories and at the same time a tool for marketing. However, still an opt-in list is crucial if we want to establish our proper online business.¬† I’m yet to decide to choose either Getresponse or Aweber. Any experience from the floor? I’m probably going to spend approximately 20-30%.

Transformers 2?

I have not yet watch it. My other half has been asking when are we going to watch the highly rated movie of the year. I said, “Try and call the cinema tomorrow”.

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6 Responses

  1. titan says:

    hoho..just go and watch it la..

  2. cyza says:

    InsyaAllah, I’ll go with my wife soon. We just don’t want to compete with the crowd.

  3. waiting for your changes like transformers. you can do it better for your blogging time to get more and more visitors…

  4. azwan says:

    Going to watch again this weekend with the kids. first time was with my wife. kalau bawak budak-budak tak boleh concentrate.

  5. There are things you can do to protect yourself online. Like use a cam so you can see the person right off and at least know they are who they are in there photos and description.

  1. January 31, 2010

    […] focus on those job at home because my mind and heart will only drive me to my blogs and internet / online activities. For instance, I have to correct and improve my ph.d proposal that I need to submit tomorrow, but I […]

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