You are lucky if your company pay your medical bill

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My wife could not sleep last night. As a result I could not sleep as well. Why? Because she was coughing badly and could not breath smoothly. She has some difficulty breathing because of asthma. That’s it… I don’t want to risk anything. At 4 a.m. in the morning, I dragged her to a nearby 24 hour clinic (not our panel clinic). It was very unfortunate that the our clinic panel which claims to open 24 hours only have doctor 18 hours a day. What the hack with the other 6 hours?!!! (12am to 6am)

As a result, we have to go to another clinic which is not our panel. My wife was neb (short form for Nebulizer). . Luckily, after neb, she feels ok and can breath better than before. I was relief and we waited for the medicine and to pay the bill. The neb + medicine + doctor consultation cost us RM60. So, I paid the RM 60 and headed home.

OK, is that really a big deal?! I can say we are a regular in our clinic panel. There are 5 of us in the family (me, my wife and 3 kids) and there were times that we visited the clinic every week. In our clinic panel, all medical cost are paid by our employee. We don’t have to worry to pay any of the medical bill. That’s why we don’t mind coming to the clinic (panel).

Then, today very early in the morning, we went to a clinic which is not our panel and paid RM60… What if all my 3 kids are also sick, and we are desperate that we could not go to our panel clinic? What if all my 3 kids medical bill is RM60, just the same as my wife medical bill? That is RM60 + RM180 = RM240.

My point is, I’m very fortunate that the institution I work covers our medical bill. Those of you who are like me are lucky. I have known people who are self employed and who worked in companies that have very small medical coverage. They have to pay their own medical bill. Sometimes, due to lack of money, they tend to avoid seeing the doctor for treatment because they cannot afford the medical bills. I have seen them those type of unfortunate people. They are poor and they could not afford to pay the bill.

Morale of the Story…

We should feel empathy to those unfortunate people and at the same time feel grateful to God of what we have. If we financially sound, maybe we can give a hand to those who may need assistance. I should also switch to a more reliable clinic as our clinic panel.

What about you…?

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11 Responses

  1. alkisah says:

    syukur apa yg diterima

  2. am says:

    I just go to klinik kerajaan… only 1 ringgit.. but sometime go to private for injection, food allergic.. so it will cost me rm50..

  3. cyza says:


  4. cyza says:

    That’s why. It’s definitely cheaper (or sometime no cost) going to government hospital but we surely have to pay the price for better comfort from private clinic…

  5. Abu71 says:

    Betul kata Am tu ,gi aja hospital kerajaan.Dulu aku gi klinik swasta ja,sekali pergi atas RM 30 pasti kena,Sekarang gi hospital Kerajaan RM 1 je.Hospital kerajaan pesakit luar Johor Bahru buka sampai pukul 9 malam.pegi malam orang kurang.

  6. cyza says:

    Luckily the government subsidized the medical fees and medicine. Shukur… 🙂

  7. budeen says:

    i also go to hospital kerajaan.. buat xray, fisio, ubat-ubatan & vitamin anak2 semua dari hospital kerajaan.. FREE aje.. ngeh ngeh ngeh

    fortunately we can also opt for a more comfortable private clinic for free.. the doctors are so-so only, and the clerks/nurses are damn rude.. sometimes i prefer gov for that reason..

  8. cyza says:

    Good for you. I’ll go to the hospital as well if it is near to my house… ngeh ngeh ngeh…

  9. samdaddycool says:

    …. If we have to pay, or course we demand for better sevice (worse if you pay, but the staffs are rude + poor service)..

    Nowdays, Gov. Hosp. provide better service + better manner as they have new generations which goes through ‘reborn process’.

    Now, I start going to Pusat Kesihatan (which have less patient + cute nurse trainee.. ) ngehehehheee

  10. abrablog says:

    cute nurse trainee..agree. hehe 🙂

  11. cyza says:

    Aisey man…if there are lots of cute nurse..that is a bonus…hehe

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