Old Laptop Versus New Laptop

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God knows how insane i’m dying to blog every day and night. However, due to my daily constraint as a ph.d student as well as a family man, I have very limited time to spend on my online curriculum activities…hehe…

Just updating what I’m doing now… I’m transfering important files and software from my older HP laptop to my new Toshiba laptop. At the same time, I’m also installing few other important software such as FTPzilla, directory submitter software, camstudio software, keyword expert software and a lot of other softwares to this new Toshiba laptop. I need to do this because the HP laptop is extremely slow. I’m going to seek Abu’s help to check and service my laptop this weekend. I hope he’ll be able to recover the power of my HP laptop later.

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3 Responses

  1. Abu71 says:

    Kalau ada lebih…Tambah Ram Jadi 2gb..4gb..laju la sikit..

  2. cyza says:

    tengok la keadaan…aku akan pikirkan

  3. farahaznil says:

    xde gmbr laptop tu ke??huhuhuh..mskan la..nak tgk

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