Domain renewal: Autopay versus Manual Pay

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Domain Renewal

Yesterday, i have a little time to spare to renew 3 of my almost expiring domains which I purchased from and [2 dot com(s) and 1 dot info]. Earlier, I received renewal notices from both parties to renew my domains or accept the auto renewal process. The auto renewal process is set/agreed when I first register new domains with them. So, instead of auto renewal, I decided to manually renew the 3 domains myself. I clicked the renewal links in the email they sent me. Then, the process was fast and easy. I used paypal for payments to the two large international hosting company.To my surprised, I only have to pay $8.17 per domain (cost of domain renewal = $7.99 + $0.18 (ICANN Fee)). So, in total, the cost of renewal was about $24++ ($8.17 x 3). I’m not sure whether this is the price for earlier + manual renewal. But, I’m happy because I saved some of my paypal cash (rather than paying $10++ per domain renewal).

Why I’m saying this?

Last July, I forgot to renew a domain which I bought from Luckily, the auto renewal process took place automatically and deducted about $10.67 from my paypal account. That’s better than the company you purchased your domain from did not inform you OR you forgot to renew your domain and the domain is re-directed somewhere else. I’ve experience that before and I lost substantially a lot from that simple mistake.

Bottom line, auto renewal is cool… but, can I say that auto renewal cost slightly more than early manual domain renewal? I’m not sure on this. Anybody have any experience on this?


I prefer domain auto renewal. It’s safer. I don’t really mind if they if the charge is slightly more as long as if I forgot to renew, my websites and blogs are still running 24/7.

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10 thoughts on “Domain renewal: Autopay versus Manual Pay”

  1. tomorrow got talk eh kat utm?
    one of my friend told me that a professional blogger – Rohaizad will come to UTM tomorrow.
    do you know about that?
    because i don’t know.

  2. It depends. Sometimes, a domain is cheaper in godaddy and it’s expansive in cheapdomain and vice versa. Just check and buy whichever is cheap. Both are for me reliable.

  3. Yep, that’s right….thanks. I’m glad and happy to be purchasing domain from and

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