Family is my priority

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Sometime in this life we have to make some sacrifices. That is life. I’m very grateful to have one happy family. I’m blessed with a great job and the opportunity to further my study in the highest level. What else can I ask more?

I realized I have earlier mentioned about arranging my online activities. But then, I also realize that, I need to prioritize my time with my kids, especially to monitor their studies.

Ikhwan, my active eldest son, is in standard one and require serious attention from us (the parents). He likes to play and go to school. But when it comes to doing homework and studying, he needs somebody to motivate him. That’s when we come in. I’m now committed in spending 1-2 hours every night to ensure he can perform in his study, especially in reading Malaysian and English language, jawi and mathematics. I hope we can prepare him well enough before the final examination next month. We want to see him improve his grade in his examination in both his official school and religious school.

Marsya, 5, our expressive first daughter is very diligent and require less attention in terms of her studies. She’s doing very well in her pre-school and we are trying to bring her up to another level. The only thing is her mood which is sometimes unpredictably annoying.

Alya, 3+, our charming third child, is still very small. We don’t really expect her to study seriously for the time being. We want her to have her own sweet and fun time studying at school.

That’s the current sacrifice I have to make. Maybe I cannot call it sacrifice, but rather define it as responsibility. Before this, I have not really paid sufficient attention to their studies. After work, at night, I only focus on my online activities. But, their future is very important and precious to us. We don’t want to gamble their future. We want the best for them. We want them to excel academically and morally and grow up to be good people with great career. We have to do our best to provide them with the best education and support plus motivation + love.

That’s it. I’ll reduce my online time in order to ensure my kids are doing well. I have to re-arrange my strategy because I have to spend more time thinking and running my ph.d research too.

Oh gosh… when can I relax???

My online time will be roughly around 1 hour every night, I’m guessing… And I must proportion it finely to do all the blogging, affiliate, article marketing, SEO, and other making money online duties…

Please, I seek other almost similar parents to share your experiences with me… 😉

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10 Responses

  1. MatKool says:

    family is so important for us. take a good care about our family is really important with this new era and a lot of thing happen out there. Need to give them some good education for their future to become a nice person in our family.

  2. cyza says:

    Thanks MatKool… You are true. That’s why I’m now channeling my attention to my kids. I want them to grow successful…

  3. samdaddycool says:

    Family is the no. 1 priority. Our kids are best investment. You have the chance watching them almost every night. Watch them growing everyday, listen to them when they cry. Grab the opportunity while you still have the chance… They need you.

  4. cyza says:

    Yep… thanks bro for the advise. I will be there for them…

  5. titan says:

    ehm..i cannot advice you because i’m still not have a kids.

    So, if for online activities, i guess you need to create target. Like projek A, projek B and others. Create one project and focus to that project. Believe it, you will happy with that and satisfy with your work. Even you might not earn big like you want, but you get both. Your family, your PHD and your online activities.

    Just set around 1 hour for your online activities. Then, you can start focus to your study and family. Focus.

    Ps: Apa aku mengarut nih. Tapi itulah yang aku buat. Kerja kerajaan, nak kena jaga hati ramai orang, nak keje online, nak keje offline, kene jaga hati bos, kawan-kawan perempuan dan macam-macam lagi. Kalau tak kerana fokus, memang aku takkan dapat beli laptop fujitsu dengan black saga aku tu..

  6. cyza says:


    Thanks a lot for your input. Please don’t underestimate yourself just because you are not yet married and have no kids. I can say what you have mentioned above there perfectly make sense. Thanks a lot. I’ll surely apply it. Thanks. The key is focus…focus….focus…

  7. joegrimjow says:

    sumone give me your blog
    do u know website things?
    need sifu tu learn

  8. green says:


    maybe leh try click kat tab buttons..
    contact through fb or email..
    lebih berkesan rasenye

  9. Both working husbands and wives should put their family before career. Its not something specific to gender. I gave up promotions for my family before.Both my wife and I work, so we know how much of a juggling act it can be. The best thing to do is support your spouse in their career. We don’t put our career before our children but we put eachothers careers before ourselves. This keeps us going.Thanks for sharing nice post.

  1. October 25, 2009

    […] stressed this in my earlier post but I also need to highlight that I’m going to try my best to provide better attention to my […]

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