Important Plugins for your WordPress Blog #1

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Having a normal wordpress blog is dull. Having a wordpress blog with accessories will be create an excellent blog. This accessories is what we call PLUGINS. WordPress plugins are very important for any wordpress blog. Without wordpress plugin it is tough to get the best out of your wordpress blog.

I’m going to share some of the wordpress plugins that I used. Some of them I used in this blog while some others I used in my other blogs. For a start here are the first 4 wordpress plugin that is quite critical to be better position in the google engineering search engine. Check it out:

1. Top Commentator Widget

Many bloggers manage to successfully draw traffic to their blog by using this very commanding plugin. It displays the top commentators based on day, week, month or any duration preferred. Some bloggers organize top commentator contest to drive traffic and winners may receive various rewards such as t-shirt, voucher, cash etc. This can be easily organized and you’ll receive a flux of traffic from permanent or unique visitors, hence increasing your blog rank.

Download Top Commentator Widget

2. Ajax Comment Posting

Ajax Comment Posting is capable in allowing visitors to make and publish comment very fast and efficient. In just seconds, the new comment will be published without refreshing the browser or the whole page. It saves time and precious bandwidth. Besides that, if your visitors use slow internet dial up connection, they can see their own comment as soon as publishing them without refreshing the page. It’s really quick.

Download Comment Posting Plugin

3. Subscribe To Comment

Let say a visitor needs some clarification about a post in your blog and leaves a question in your comment box. How can we ensure and let the visitor know that his or her question has been answered?

The old fashion way is to bookmark the website or blog at the browser. It needs several clicks to do that. However, when this plugin is activated, a small click box appears under your comment box. If your visitor click this box “Notify me of follow-up comments via e-mail” (shown in the illustration below), whenever somebody answer or response at the comment box, your visitor can automatically received the comment updates via email. It’s very simple yet powerful feature. It makes your visitor being appreciated and come to your blog repeatedly.

Download Subscribe to Comment Plugin

4. Stats

This plugin requires you to register with and you’ll be assigned one tracking id called API key. The API key is used to verify your WP stats account and Akismet which is used to fight SPAM. You must use the same API key to activate both plugins. I personally use WP Stat to see and analyzed my visitors. It would not count your own visit and also the search engine bot visit, which means it will only count the actual visitors to your blog. On top of that, it can detect external links that were clicked and also keyword terms for your blog.

Download Stats Plugin

Ok, that’s it for now. Wait for my next wordpress plugins discovery… 🙂

Any comments or plugins to share?

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16 Responses

  1. hanep says:

    cyza, i might add plugins that do, important for me:

    1. exec php (so that to add html/php code to widgets)
    2. wp-contact-form
    3. sociable (social bookmarking post)
    4. smart ads (to easily insert ads between post and title)
    5. all in one seo pack

    that’s all! 🙂

  2. cyza says:

    Gosh…thanks for the list. Great. I’ll add those in my next important plugins for wordpress blog list in the near future.

  3. samdaddycool says:

    I’m still new with wordpress. All blogs created with wordpress are still under construction. Will use your tips to make them complete. Thanks for sharing.

  4. abrablog says:

    agree with hanep.

  5. cyza says:

    Bro abrablog,

    do you have any other plugins that you want to share… apart from agreeing with Hanep?

  6. cyza says:

    That’s OK bro. Of course it takes some time to learn. It’s a normal learning process and directly affected by our lifestyle, work and family. The more time we have the faster we can learn and apply the knowledge of setting of the wordpress blog to be as powerful possible. Hope I can help you further… 🙂

  7. tentang plugin Ajax Comment Posting tue..mmg btul2 aku setuju,
    aku pon dlm proses nk upload plugin nie…:)

  8. cyza says:

    Yeke….hoho…after this ada new plugin mau kasih share ke?

  9. abrablog says:

    sitemap, contact form, adman and others. Usually, i not use many plugin. I love to make my blog look clean and simple.

  10. cyza says:

    what is adman?

  11. sudah semestinya ada…
    gunakan plugin seo-image
    ia membantu mengseokan gambar posting kita pada blog…
    aku baru sahaja mencubanya…
    sekarang sedang menunggu keputusan drastik yg berlaku..huhuhu

  12. cyza says:

    Thanks bro…
    Memang nak citer pasal plugin tu tapi in later post…keep up the info coming in…hehe

  13. abrablog says:

    it working to handle advertise placement..

  14. cyza says:

    Oh…thanks for the info…

  15. Many thanks for the great variety with plugins, i have several favourites to, such as the all known “All IN SEO “and also the easy privacy policy and also SEO friendly images (got some good results with it)and lastly pretty links (great for cloacking) affiliate links…

  16. John says:

    Making capital on the net is always what you want years ago. Whether if it’s web marketing, internet affiliate marketing, running a blog, content, as well as ppc it is far better to begin right now then certainly not.

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