October Rain Rambling

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As I’m writing typing this post, I’m watching the live match of Manchester United versus Liverpool at Anfield. Man U is currently 0-1 down.

OK, I just want to ramble a little bit here since my older rambling few months ago.

1. Decided family is my priority

I’ve stressed this in my earlier post but I also need to highlight that I’m going to try my best to provide better attention to my parents and in laws as well. This is very important to develop and maintain a good inter family relationship. Just prepared my son for his examination at school tomorrow. I hope he’ll be serious and do his very best.

2. Tile project

We are going to work on our tile project at our house porch. This project have been delayed for so long. I think now is the right time to settle it once and for all. I’m leaving the style, concept and design of the tiles-decor to my other half. I hope we can complete this project in fortnight.

3. Google Privacy Policy

Wow…I totally forgot to fix this earlier. I just realized about it yesterday. I’ve inserted the policy yesterday night after getting some help and feedback from few online friends which include Azwan, Titan, Hasbul and catzer.

4. Which Camera?

Should I take Nikon D90 or Panasonic DMC-F1. I really fancy the fantastic Nikon D90 but I know for the time being I don’t really have the time to meddle with it. I have other very important priorities to take care first. In the other hand, Panasonic DMC-F1 seems to be an interesting digital camera for me to own. Thanks to Azwan for providing me an idea on this camera.

5. Legoland Johor

Seriously, I’m very eager to be among the first Legoland Theme Park Johor visitor. The Legoland in Iskandar will be the 6th in the world and the 2nd in Asia. Is there any other theme park going to be as happening as this one?

6. My Ph.D status

On going… I’m still in my first semester. I’m targeting to complete them within 3 years. I’m just trying my best to focus it. Pray for my success please :) .

7. My TNX project

I just started this project, submitted 4 of my english blogs. So far, there are no answer yet. I also just signed up for the members only TNX forum which was set up by Titan. I hope I can earn some dollars monthly from this project.

8. Gold, gold, gold

Want to buy or sell gold. I’m talking real golds. If yes, you can discuss and do business with my borther Budeen. He is now into it and I know if he do something, he does it right, with dignity.

OK, the game just ended and … it was a disaster…damn… :(

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25 thoughts on “October Rain Rambling”

  1. Game malam tadi best apa? At least cuaca tak mendung lagi.

    Titan ada projek TNX apa plak ni … aku dah lama tak blog hop..

    You should also check out Olympus cameras. The specs are better than Panasonic. Somehow i prefer Panasonic to Olympus. I have my reasons :)

  2. Haha…kasi chance la kat team warna merah semalam tu…bukan apa, kalau kitorang menang, korang pulak kalah 4 kali dalam masa 3 bulan, tak ke brutal dan sadis?!!!

    Titan project is his TNX ebook. not really a project but rather ebook and support forum. I’m trying my luck with TNX…maybe i can get some small bucks from there…mana tau…

    Olympus camera…?! so, what’s your reason for preferring panasonic? Can you share with us…

    Glory-glory man united….

  3. ha.ha..

    3 reasons
    – i prefer panasonic brand name
    – i like the color
    – panasonic felt tougher when i compared the 2 before making the purchase

    about TNX, maybe i’ll check it out later, i hv an account with one of my blog in it

  4. Ntah le…however it is written like this:

    hide options –

    Yahoo BackLinks: 1289 Update Yahoo BackLinks
    language (region): english language only
    Links : 1
    [Increase links-on-every-page number to 2]
    [Delete site]

    hide statistics –
    Pages indexed by TNX system: 2
    Links placed: 0

    This is certainly not about cyza sector blog. This is other blog. Just for example. But other blog details are just about the same.

    So, is the above blog indexed?

  5. blog tu dah diindex. LInks tu ko leh maximumkan ke 4.

    Cuma pages indexed by tnx tu..kene tunggu banyak dan automatiknya, link placed tu akan diisi dalam masa terdekat kalau takde aral..

  6. For blogspot.com also must include. All Google adsense must have the privacy policy incorporated in blog, website and forum…

  7. Haha…sikit je bro… kekadang sekali harung je lah update. Tahniah atas kelahiran orang baru… Alhamdulillah semua selamat kan…

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