Re-arranging my Online Activities

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I’m planning a strategy to further improve my online career. I need to really fully focus on certain things and not getting very excited with other opportunities and offers which are abundantly found in the net. I’m no longer enjoying luxurious time as before. I’m now pursuing my ph.d in chemical engineering which demands massive amount of concentration, attention and time. It’s not easy to do research and achieve our targeted goals based on the hypothesis. I’m presently experiencing some difficulties in my experiments and having some some hard time writing technical papers to be published in high impact journals.

Bottom line is I need to balance my time between my study, online activities, engineering practice @ consultation and family for sure. OK, enough about my personal issues. Let’s share some business story.

Offline Business – Homestay business

I’ve spent some time earlier this afternoon chatting with my wife and business partner to expand our homestay business. The demand is surprisingly there and we felt the urgency to add a new house in addition of our main guess house. If you have additional house and if the house is empty or if the rent is not enough to cover your monthly loan payment, converting it as a homestay is a brilliant idea. With perfect marketing and excellent management, you can earn more then you can imagine. Since the BLR rate is currently low, the monthly mortgage will also be low, it seems like a good timing for me to buy a new house. It’s good rather than renting a house as a homestay. In long run, I’ll own extra property. Do you think so?

Offline Business – Car Rent Business

After reviewing and discussing various angles on car renting business, we have thought of not pursuing it. Even we’ve earn handsomely from renting our second car since end of July and used the income for our Raya expenditure/spending, I’m not going to continue it. There will always be a risk and the profit is not as good as running a homestay.

Offline Business – Ceramic Business Club

I’ve join this program early 2009 after being persuaded by my brother. Now, after almost 9 months operating it (not really running it myself because my brother is doing it for me) I’m very happy because we not only get some amount of cash but also do our grocery shopping without bringing any cash. Yes, that’s true. Since Ceramic Business Club set up the shopping mart at Skudai (near Giant Pulai Utama), we shop with very happy face because we get rice, cooking oil, frozen food, snacks, detergent and various other household products from the store just by exchanging it with our shopping points.

Online Activities

Google Adsense

I find this time consuming but rewarding. I know developing adsense websites and blogs can be regarded as having a virtual real estate and earning passive income. However, I haven’t been successful in penetrating my target income, though I’m still cashing out dollars via Western Union on a monthly basis.

Hence, I’m planning to allocate 10% of my online time on Google Adsense website and blog development. I’m rearrange the strategy to boost up my income 100% to the average of what I’m presently earning. Some of the strategies will be:

– creating and developing more niche sites using static websites and wordpress blogs (5% online time).
– marketing those website and blogs using article marketing (3% online time).
– comment marketing (2% online time).

TLA is not that big but it’s helping me to sustain all my online expenditures (domains + hostings) and purchase of ebooks and getting service from others. That’s why I need to have more blogs to earn more from this program. Percentage time allocated – 0.5%.


I’m not sure about the others but this program has been very good contributor for me. If you own good technical, academic or industrial blog/website, I highly recommend you to join Revrespon. Percentage time allocated – 1%.


Blogging is for me fun but as I like to write and share. I won’t stop blogging and that’s a fact. It help me connect and communicate with others. Via blogging, I earn some money from Google Adsense, Revresponse, TLA and other make money program (which I do not cover now). Percentage time allocated – 15%.

This is my baby project that I’m currently running with Azwan. We aim high for this and hope it can be a place where Johorean can refer. Currently is under construction, content addition and soft marketing. Percentage time allocated – 5%.

Autoresponders and Affiliate Business

I’ve made a point to myself that I’m going to get my hands in Affiliate business. As a result, I’ve signed up with norabots, a relatively cheap but reliable auto-responder to kick start my list building and affiliate biz. As a warm up, I’m building my own list in my niche. In future, I’m slowly going to build my own list for other niche, create my own products and sell other peoples product. I’m planning to spend 65% of my online time establishing this new area. Percentage time allocated – 55%.


I’m not going to list other programs or online activities here. I’m just going to flock it into others, which basically means all the other minor programs and activities I’m doing which include TNX, jobamatic, nuffnang, advertlets,, blogvertise, smoorty, backlinks, infolinks, facebook, forums etc. Percentage time allocated – 3.5%.


The most important thing I’m sharing here is the planning to spend my online time. I need to be more extra focus on what I’m doing. I have to let go some other important online activities. I only have approximately 10-15 hours a week (and that’s not much). Currently I’m not spending time at all on twitter (marketing) and any social bookmarks etc. I can’t!!! I cannot afford to allocate time for it. As more and more new products regardless free or paid products are introduced daily, I must keep my focus on what I’ve plan. You should too. Maybe you focus better than me?!!!

Any other tips for me…? to be successful online…

Should I JV with others? Should I launch a contest to boost traffic?

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7 Responses

  1. samdaddycool says:

    Yeah.. that’s a brilliant and simple task to boost up traffic! : comment contest..

  2. cyza says:

    Yep…and that requires some investment too…

  3. abrablog says:

    advice? Never give up. 🙂

  4. cyza says:

    Thanks bro. I’m never going to give up…although time is the greatest challenge now… I mean lacking of time to run the online business… 🙂

  5. What a great article! Pleasant for me as a blogger to know so much opportunity to earn money from internet. Thanks bro for the sharing awesome tips and the experiences!!!!

  6. cyza says:

    No problem. Glad you liked it and hope you can benefit from it too.

  1. October 21, 2009

    […] realized I have earlier mentioned about arranging my online activities. But then, I also realize that, I need to prioritize my time with my kids, especially to monitor […]

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