Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Basic

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a process of choosing the most appropriate targeted keyword phrases related to your site and ensuring that this ranks your site or blog highly in search engines. As a result when someone searches for specific phrases or titles it returns your site on tops. It basically involves fine tuning the content of your site along with the HTML and Meta tags as well as appropriate link building process. Mastering SEO is definitely one of the most important aspect for a blogger or internet marketer. It will provide luxurious organic traffic to your site and blog.

At the moment, the most popular search engines are Google, Yahoo, MSN Search Altavista and AOL. All of these search engines keep their methods and ranking algorithms secret for various reasons including to deter spam pages from clogging those results.

A search engine may use hundreds of factors while ranking the listings where the factors themselves and the weight each carries may change continually. Algorithms can differ so widely that a webpage that ranks #1 in a particular search engine could rank #200 in another search engine. However, if you can master this skill, the search page result of your site/blog won’t differ significantly from search engine to search engine. I still remember my early days involvement with my blog. I checked page by page of Google and Yahoo search engine to see whether my blog is listed or not.

If you have a new sites/blogs, you don’t need not “submit” it to search engines in order to be listed. A simple link from a well established site (good traffic, good PR, well indexed) will get the search engines to visit the new site and begin to spider its contents. It can take a few days to even weeks from the referring of a link from such an established site for all the main search engine spiders to commence visiting and indexing the new site.

If you are unable to research and choose keywords and work on your own search engine ranking, you may want to hire someone to work with you on these issues. But this certainly requires some investment. I still recommend and urge you to master this skill. It is very important. For a start you can check out Google Keyword Tool. It will provide you good keyword suggestion and analysis to help you decide on excellent keywords. It’s very simple and straight forward. Try it out and you’ll get better at it.

It has proven to be very successful to me when I adopted SEO in my online and offline business.

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5 Responses

  1. blowie says:

    tambah sket,+sitemap utk well indexed ^_^

  2. cyza says:

    haha…ok bro…will cover that next time in future…

  3. Samdaddycool says:

    Best entry ni, aku masih mendalami ilmu SEO ceduk sana sikit, sini sikit. Tapi paling best bila SERP tunjuk url kita kat top 3 google

  4. cyza says:

    Ye ke…hehe.. thanks…

  5. Samdaddycool says:

    ” I still remember my early days involvement with my blog. I checked page by page of Google and Yahoo search engine to see whether my blog is listed or not.”

    … hehehe.. I actually did the same.. 😀

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