3 Money-Making Niche You Can Use in Less Than 5 Minutes

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Blogging can make money. That’s for sure. Affiliate can make even more money. But the problem is mastering all the skills and techniques to be grow the affiliate business. If you are a regular in Cyza Sector, you’ll notice me mentioning my interest to be involve in internet affiliate business.

Honestly, I must say that, I am struggling to start up my affiliate business. Out of a sudden, I found this program which was just recently launched. It is a speedy way to make money from affiliate business using products from clickbank. After 48 hours analyzing the program and system, I decided to give it a shot. I hope I have luck on this.

Off course there are pro and cons of joining this program.

OK, since I’ve joined this program for about 72 hours already, I’ve test run it a little. I haven’t had the opportunity to spend more time on this as I was stuck with another non-online job.

Pro (Advantage) – in no particular order

  • Set up the sites in just 5 minutes. 6 ready made + 29 possible custom made videos ready to be uploaded to youtube.com
  • Start begin marketing effort using ready made + custom made video (with your domain) right away.
  • Start article marketing right away. 20 articles provided.
  • Video tutorial and ebook on how to make videos + other traffic methods are available. Hence making amateur people like me can learn all these available powerful traffic techniques immediately.
  • Do NOT need auto-responder.
  • NO need to think of auto-responder sequence – as the system will do the job for you.
  • NO need to do niche research.
  • All we have to do is marketing and wait for the Clickbank income.
  • Every month, members will get a new clickbank product on anonymous niche to promote.
  • For the first month (now, if you register fast), you’ll get 3 fantastic niches. I’ve begin promoting.
  • The system is – I can say Automatic or almost Automatic.

Cons (Disadvantage) – I can see right now 2 cons:

  • We promote our site but we cannot collect the email list.
  • Possible competition with other members if we don’t market creative enough.

Personal view

For me it is tricky and will take relatively longer time to master the affiliate skills despite of reading and mentoring with Affiliate Gurus. However, to taste international affiliate profit faster, I decided to be a member of this plug and play program. I can easily set up my site in truly 5 minutes. And after 12-15 minutes, I already have 3 powerful niche sites. The next thing for me to do is to brand my video, upload them and do some article marketing. That’s the marketing part. It’s all ready for me. The membership price for founding member is USD29 per month, which I think is reasonable (only for the first batch). I heard today that there are only 12 spots left for this membership price. If I can manage 2 sales a month, the commission is more than enough to cover my fixed monthly membership fees. But, I’m going to target more sales. I’m going to try at least to get USD500 per month for a start. Wish me luck…

If you are interested, you can investigate more by clicking the READY-NICHE-PROFIT below. I’m not asking you to get hold of this program. I’m just sharing what I’m doing now with you. I know, some of you are just like me, wanting to run an affiliate business, but for some reason, stuck somewhere… Good luck… 🙂

Example of video that I just re-brand from the membership area to promote my site:

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4 Responses

  1. azwan says:

    Fuyoh, cepat sungguh kau setup 🙂
    Anyway bro, you youtube page tu, instead on the link kat dlm video tu, kat desctiption pun letak lah jugak. It’s clickable.

  2. cyza says:

    Yep, I’ve include the link as well too in the description. Thanks.

  3. budeen says:

    1 person likes this!

  4. cyza says:

    Hmmm… I don’t understand lah bro… What do you mean? Who is that 1 person…?

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