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Before you proceed, let me highlight to you that this post was brought to you by Guess blogger – Tommy. If you feel like being a guess blogger in Cyza Sector, please by all means, contact me.


Short note from me (Cyza), “I’ve downloaded and read the ebook. It’s very very good. I highly recommend this ebook for those who are not yet familiar with wordpress. Tommy is generous enough to give away this 91 pages ebook FREE OF CHARGE. Even if you are already familiar with wordpress, I still recommend you to get it. You might learn other WP knowledge apart from what you already knew… 🙂 … Thumbs up three times.


When I first looked at this eBook I said to myself “Oh no, not another How to WordPress eBook” but to my complete surprise this eBook actually got my attention.

Click here to get

As I sat back and read Blog Setup Tutorials to my surprise I found myself drawn right into the eBook soaking up all the information it was providing. The information which I was reading provided a good few WordPress Golden Nuggets that even I had overlooked, I was also surprised by the level of detail provided so much so, that I would think even if you had never heard of WordPress before, you would be confident that by end of the 90 Pages you would have your WordPress Blog fully installed and personalized.

I think someone forgot to tell Tommy most FREE Products span only 30 pages!

Although Blog Setup Tutorials is 90 pages of pure content and no fluff, so I take my hat of to Tommy for that.

This information may be common knowledge to some people. However it was the in depth explanations, the how’s and the why these ways worked so well that I found truly unbelievable.

After reading on I found the information provided very helpful. I also found it  easy and simple to follow.

You will find in this eBook a great step by step guide to creating and setting up your own WordPress Blog in a couple of Hours.  It has been written in a clear and concise manner and all the step by step screenshots were easy to follow as well.

Blog Setup Tutorials does not stop there either. Once you have your WordPress Blog  up and running, it would be simple as rinse and repeat in any niche to maximize your earning ability if that is what you wanted to do.

Blog Setup Tutorials will show you how to:

Research and find your Niche
Keyword Research
Find the best WordPress Themes for FREE
Which WordPress Plugins to install
Adding Video
Adding Pictures to your WordPress Blog
Build an opt-in list
Drive Traffic to your WordPress Blog for FREE!
And much much more…

Blog Setup Tutorials does not tail off there either. This is one giant of an eBook packed to the brim of excellent no fluff content. 90 pages of pure information you will be returning back to again and again, I guarantee it. This eBook really is a blueprint to your success.

I mentioned earlier in this email “Yeah you can tell I don’t like How to WordPress products! Like hell I do!” I officially retract that statement after reading Blog Setup Tutorials. With the right content and the right sources, you can be as professional and productive as the top marketers in the world, churning out top quality WordPress Blogs at break neck speed.

Click here to get

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4 Responses

  1. budeen says:

    WordPress Golden Nuggets? i prefer Australian Gold Nugget.. 🙂

  2. cyza says:

    Don’t talk anymore brother, just download the _ _ _ _ _ _ _ wordpress tutorial. It’s good especially for you. I know your level… haha 🙂

    Anyway, I don’t care what kind of nugget as long as it is acceptable to my taste receptor on my tongue.

  3. samdaddycool says:

    Wow.. 90 pages of free ebook! Thats unbelieveable. I’m still new with wordpress and this is what I am looking for. Thanks for sharing.

  4. cyza says:

    Yep, you need to download it…and learn it…

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