Alone with Alya

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I decided to cancel my trip to Kuala Trengganu yesterday, fearing the flood might trap us somewhere along the way there. So, now, we are at home. Since our maid is on her break, I have to stay home and take care of the Alya, my youngest daughter. It’s not bad at all staying alone with Alya. We did some interesting activities…

1. Play and feed the cats in front and behind our house. We brought the front cat behind our house and they fought with each other… haha..

2. Sweep the porch.

3. Collected the dry clothes from our porch. It almost rain but it didn’t.

4. Fed her with some junk food of her choice. She ate a little only. Not much.

Well, that’s about it… The things that we did not do together:

Alya: She watches the cartoon channel.

Cyza: I do my work.

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8 Responses

  1. titan says:

    teringin nak sambung master. Tapi kalau aku wat master, itu bermaksud aku akan berganda sibuk. Apapun, its good to spend some time with your kids. Alya, she cute ek? Show us some her picture too. Hehe..

  2. cyza says:

    Haha… sambung je master…Aku la ni pun buat phd apa….
    Photo alya…ada…nanti aku upload kat post ni…

  3. azwan says:

    kau nak ke Terengganu utk apa, bercuti or kerja sebenarnya? Duduk rumah pun syok jugak. Pernah sekali aku sakit mata, MC 6 hari. Pas tu duduk rumah and pretend macam full time IM.

    Best jugak 🙂

  4. cyza says:

    Haha….Ada conference la bang… Tapi ternyata sampai sekarang banjir tu takde pun… tapi takpe, aku banyak juga but kerja kat rumah. Aku rasa macam lagi sihat buat kerja kat rumah sebab kena buat macam2 benda, kemas itu-ini, jaga anak, buat kerja office, study, consultation, blogging etc…gaya hidup cergas gitu…hehe

    Tapi, ini rasanya kot kalau berenti kerja dan focus on full time internet activity… 😉

  5. itisrajah says:

    nape tak join je alya tgk cartoon?

  6. cyza says:

    That was yesterday. I did some of my work while she watches the cartoon.

    Today, we watched indonesian movie together at TV3… hehe…

    And also bathed the cat at the car porch… hehe

  7. It must be fun to do something together and can keep your daughter more close to you 🙂

  1. February 6, 2010

    […] Ikhwan (standard 2 primary school) and Marsya (6) has been exposed to flash games and youtube. Alya (5) will tagged along with her brother and sister infront of the […]

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