3 new items from PC Fair at UTM

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I just visited the PC Fair in UTM and I bought myself few items to ensure some smoothness in performing both my offline and online duties. So, what did I got for myself?

1. New Sensonic wireless mouse – RM68. I never bought something like this before. I think this is the most expansive mouse I have every bought. I nearly opted to buy a Sony wireless mouse which cost RM98. But, well…what the hack…Too expansive…

2. New notebook cooling pad – RM10. I really need this. My older cooling pad produce nasty weird sound and I hate it. Hence, I get myself a shining blue cooling pad which is cheap but impressively do the job. I’m planning to get another one for my home. With this, I don’t need to carry around my laptop cooling pad.

3. New vacuum cleaner for my laptop keyboard – RM5. I’m not really impress with this small tiny vacuum. I cannot feel the suction. I don’t think it is sucking the dirt on my laptop keyboard. I think it is very bad investment. Luckily it is only RM5, so the damage is not that bad…

Everything is cheap. I don’t like to waste money buying expensive items. Why don’t choose a cheaper one which can also perform the job equally well.

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7 Responses

  1. budeen says:

    i’ve used 2 wireless mouse before (A4Tech & logistic) & need to replace the battery at least once a month.. fedup btul!! luckily i got rechargeble battery (external flash punya battery.. hehe).. lepas ni going to use back the normal wired mouse..

  2. cyza says:

    Oh…like that aaa….It’s ok lah…I’ll try to use the battery wisely…

  3. adamfaiz says:

    I had bad experince with vacuum cleaner too..but this one is for my car and uses the cigarette lighter to power it.. Suction power? It sucks big time (meaning hopeless!!).

  4. cyza says:

    O ic…
    Luckily my car vacuum is ok… ­čÖé
    but, i think next time, you should try it out first…then, if it is not ok, just return and get a working one back…

  5. azwan says:

    Wei bro, vacuum cleaner tu is really a bad investment. Even the one that they sell for cars also suck (except the branded one of course)

  6. cyza says:

    Yea… that’s the first and last time I buy such suction device USB powered. I won’t be fooled next time… Fuh…

  1. February 9, 2010

    […] I’m not using that mouse anymore. It is wired!!! I’m using wireless mouse… […]

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