The Price for Children Education Nowadays

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This post will be useful for those who are single and/or don’t have kids yet. It is indeed expansive to grow and maintain our own kids, especially in terms of education. No wonder now, both husband and wife have to work!!! Otherwise, the expenses will be very tight!!!

Here, I’m showing you a small case study on my kids for December 2009 and January 2010. Here are my kids: Ikhwan (8), Marsya (6), Alya (5). Please note that their ages are for the year 2010. Check out the expenditures… and please I would like to read your comments πŸ™‚


December 2009

Ikhwan – RM200 (Smart Reader Holiday tuition)

Marsya – RM240 (Smart Reader Holiday tuition + books)

Ikhwan – RM37 (Transformers school bag)

Ikhwan – RM35 (School shoes, 2 pairs)

Ikhwan – RM40 (Religious school uniform + samping, 2 pairs)

Ikhwan – RM65 (Primary school uniform, 3 pairs)

Ikhwan – RM11 (Songkok)

Ikhwan, Marsya, Alya – RM40 (stationaries)

Ikhwan, Marsya, Alya – RM30 (stockings)

Ikwwan, Marsya, Alya – RM30 (Exercise books during holiday)

Marsya – RM20 (School shoes, 1 pair)

Alya – RM20 (School shoes, 1 pair)

Total in December 2009 : RM768.


January 2010

Ikhwan – RM80 (Annual primary school fees)

Ikhwan – RM50 (Annual primary school books)

Ikhwan – RM140 (Religious school fees and miscellaneous donations)

Ikhwan – RM190 (Jawi and Ngaji fees including first month payment)

Ikhwan – RM50 (transportation to-from religious school -1st month)

Ikhwan – RM50 (Estimated pocket money for both schools)

Marsya – RM550 (Kindergarten registration including first month payment)

Alya – RM550 (Kindergarten registration including first month payment)

Total in January 2010 : RM1660.


Well, those are just the things and numbers that I recall. The big total between those 2 months are RM2428. I’m not sure if we have to send our kids for extra curricular class such as piano, taekwando or arts… If that is included, that will contribute to additional expenses.

So, for those of you… make sure you earn decent living before your kids reach schooling years (if you are already married). Otherwise, in any case, just make a good income to sustain yourself and your family…

The above is not counting the money my wife have to spend to support her youngest sister studying in form 5 in MRSM Kelantan. I believe in December she has spent up to RM900 for her to get all gears ready and for to transport here there. Not considering the monthly pocket money which is RM100 per month.

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15 Responses

  1. samdaddycool says:

    I wish the government can give more grant for education, especially for the fees and uniform. Seriously Malaysian average parents are still struggling to prepare for their kids when school session starts every year. Worse when comes to single parent.

    There are so many fees sucked from parents when they are having curriculum activities (sports / camping / club & uniform). I was wondering why they can’t provide better subsidize on those rather than spending on craps like Sukom 98, elections (too much flags and posters – plus pilihanraya kecil all along the year) and so on.

    I’m only a small person to be heard but the ministry and government didn’t really look into their problem. Why? They should ‘wearing the shoes’ of Malaysian average.

  2. cyza says:

    The government is giving subsidies but I think it is still not enough. IT is not easy for parents who have 3, 4, 5 or more children to go through December and January because of the amount of money they have to spend for their kids.

    Kindergarten is very expensive. Kindergarten is very important for early education because current syllabus require standard 1 to know to read. So, parents need to sent their kids as early as 4 to a good kindergarten in order to enable their kids to read as they enter standard 1.

    Just look at the level of question given to standard 1 students for their exam. IF the student cannot read, they can’t do the test…
    If parents cannot afford for good kindergarten, they will only settle with cheap and no quality kindergarten…thus jeopardizing their kids future… Or in worse scenario, they cannot at all enroll their kids to kindergarten. If the mother is not working, the mother can educate their young ones at home… But, today’s fierce economy won’t allow that. Both mother and father HAVE to work to ensure sustainability of their survival.

    Then, what about university…? That cost a lot too…

    I know a lot of people working previously under me in my ex-job (in factory) who earns a mere RM550 to 700 per month. Maybe plus their spouse income which is RM500-600. That totals up to only RM1200-1300 per month. Then they have 4 schooling kids. This guy always come to me pleading to borrow my money. I’ll help him when I can. I even have borrowed him RM600 to help him. Until now he haven’t paid yet, but I don’t mind. My intention is to help him. I pity him very much.

    Then what happen with this guy with this situation. He borrowed money from load shark which charged crazy daily interest rate.
    He have no other way to solve his financial crisis. He has run out of option to get money. Thus now he is trapped with “along and the “along” keep possession of his ATM card. In order words, every time he gets salary at the end of his month, the “along” will withdrew a huge portion of the money and gave a tiny porton for him to survive.

    Morale of the story:

    1. Government need to do something to assist those with lower incomes to reduce their burden when schooling their children.

    2. Government need to think and identify social problems from lower income parents. They are really doomed and they need help.

    I must stop here…otherwise, I will continue writing more because I know a lot of sad story around my circles…

  3. azwan says:

    As long as I’m able to use my take home pay without taking out any money from my savings or my children savings, I think I am ok.

    Actually there are a lot of ways to save ie
    (1) beli kasut kat kilang bata or its factory outlet
    (2) kalau yg betul tak mampu tu, pakaian sekolah pun ada yg murah but dont expect the same quality as the Canggih brand.
    (3) start buying in advance – for the things that will not be affected by your children size .. ie school bags, stationeries etc. tak lah senak wallet masa bulan 12 nanti
    (4) recycle old stationeries. anak aku dan masuk darjah 5. aku kumpul balik semua kaler pencil lama-lama dia (termasuk adik dia punya) then throw away yg dah teruk, masih boleh buat 4 set kaler pencil untuk sek keb and sek agama, for both kids

    last but not least, star making money online to supplement the take home pay πŸ™‚

  4. cyza says:


    Average people like you, me and others might not be effected with the tremendous expenses of our kids.

    However, your tips are great and provided some hints on ways to prepare before December.

    Yes, off course, there are other options, i mean cheap options for those who earn less than average. I saw in Maidin, there are shoes which cost up to RM20++ but at the other side, there are shoes that cost only RM4.50 per pair.

    But one thing for sure, my son used 3 bags last year throughout his standard 1 year. The bags are of low quality OR the loads (books) are too much OR my son does not take a good care of the bag?!?!! I don’t know… I spoke to another father and he admitted that his son also use 3 bags throughout the year. This was supported by a shop owner who sells school bag. The demand of school bags are consistent throughout the year. So HOW?

  5. Jayce says:

    Walao… Really cannot afford to have more kids. They spend a lot.

  6. cyza says:

    Well, you can if you have lots of money… from your online activities of course πŸ™‚

    Oh yeah…to add up the cost…what about their:

    -tuition fess (extra class)
    -toys (can be very expansive for quality toys)
    -their favourite food (my son is crazy for Secret Recipe cakes)
    -apparel, clothes
    -their savings

    any other that I missed?

  7. CGA says:

    talk about games. PS3 games are all original πŸ™‚
    cant find the one like PS2 or PS1

  8. cyza says:

    Yes, you are indeed correct about the games. I have not bought one for my son yet. I demand good examination result first. If the results are in the OK zone, I’ll don’t mind at all awarding him the latest original PS3 + a new big screen TV (I can’t buy the LCD or plasma yet because my kids are running all around the house – what if the TV topple?!?!?!?)

  9. farahaznil says:

    hahaa…common thing la bro…time u got ur bonus..jgn la melancong n melencong sana sini…hehe

  10. samdaddycool says:

    My friend’s plasma tv knocked by one of the kids.. end up the screen turned blank! Then he said, next time they will hang up the new one on wall .. too late πŸ™

  11. cyza says:

    You said it already…too late…too bad…it has broken!!!

  12. cyza says:

    Mana ada dapat bonus…huhu

  13. taukey says:

    when i was still small, i use a lot of school bags as well. Part of the reason is the load are to heavy plus i do not care the to take care of my bags. hahaha….

    The expenses above you mention is absolutely a huge sum of money and it is what i can call as planned expenses. At least we can plan ahead.

    The problem really rises due to ad-hoc expenses. It is not something we planned and especially if it and urgent and important expenses.

    For average income holders, it would really a burden but it does create problem for the lower income group. Hence the demand for salary increase among the employee of private and government staff.

    Savings can really do help in this matter though but then it would not be enough. So most would do something for extra money. Sell food and drinks and so on. some even goes online like you and me to get the extra money.

    Along….a taboo word in my life dictionary. Hence i do not like to get loans from banks if i have the money to spent. But most people go to along as they do not need to borrow a lot of money. Some even only need RM500 to RM1000. And i do not think that a bank would approve such small loans and maybe the minimum required will be around RM3000 (if i am not mistaken). So why don’t the government create an agency just to cater towards this kinds of needs. and this would as well kill all the along business.

    hahahaha i felt like i am writing a blog now. So i better stop before i go any further. ahahahahah

  14. cyza says:

    Thanks a lot for your input. I love reading long and good comments like yours. It makes me more motivated to tell and share more πŸ™‚

    Yes, those can be categorized as planned expenses. We already know about this, and save some money.

    OK, let’s consider an average family…They save money…But, you know, sometimes, this family have some other urgency or something else that requires money… those might not be required by us, maybe somebody else need money and we have to give them money…This is general case only…

    What if poor family fit in this case…suddenly an accident happen…they need money…is “Along” the answer…?

    That’s very bad decision and an expansive one to make…but they have very very limited choice….I really pity these group of people…Somebody need to help them…

    I like the last bit of your comment….you felt like writing a blog post…that’s cool…I love that…maybe you can guess blog here…?

  15. Very useful information! I have a couple of nephews that I look after a lot and I’m always amazed by how much it takes to entertain them, and how much it costs.

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