TNB provides the best customer service

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Today, after Solat Jumaat prayer, after sending my eldest son to his school, my friend @ business partner for our homestay called me and reported that his house TNB fuse meter has been stolen!!! As a result, there’s no power in the house. No lights can be switched on. No fans can propel. No energy at all. Damn those bastards!!! Is there no other beneficial activities to do rather than no benefit themselves by stealing the fuse and make other people’s life miserable. I quickly called a friend who is an electrical experts, but then he said that this problem should be reported to TNB (Tenaga National Berhad). If you are from outside Malaysia, TNB is the national electricity / power provider for my country, Malaysia.

So, I quickly went to the house and check out the damage and straight away called TNB. I called 15454, not sure whether it is toll free or not… I don’t care. I just need to fix this problem as soon as possible. We have a guess coming to our homestay tomorrow and this nonsense must be settle once and for all.

The TNB guy in the telephone responded to my complaint and promise to sent a technician within 1 to 2 hours. After that, I waited with my friend at the house for the TNB technician. The phone call took place at 2.30 pm. At 4 pm, I called 15454 again to double check with TNB whether any technician is coming or not. While I was waiting to be connected to the operator, an incoming call came in, and I answered. Wow…the TNB technician is calling. He apologized and said that they tried to come but due to lots of queries and lots of house to entertain, their shift (team) could not come to our house. Their shift ended at 4pm. But they say, the next shift, whom started at 4pm is on their way to our house.

So, I told my friend that the TNB technicians are already on the way. I wanted to leave and head to my office. Then my friend highlighted that maybe the technician and fuse replacement may cost some money. To confirm this, I called TNB number 15454 again. The friendly TNB operator answered that all charges will be presented in the bills. The TNB technicians will not ask for any money. That is a clear straight cut procedure that they practice. So, if the TNB technicians ask for money, do not oblige.

We are very pleased to hear that because in our pocket, both of us have combine less than RM50. It will be quite troublesome for us to go to the nearest bank and withdraw some money because the bank is not within 5 km. So, after knowing that no money is required, I left my friend / biz partner and headed to my office. As soon as I reached my office, a TNB staff from JB, not sure where exactly, called me and ask whether the problem has been resolve or not. Not sure, I just answered, the TNB technician have not arrive. Maybe they are on the way. They just switch shift.

I then immediately called my friend and he said that everything is normal. The TNB technician has replaced the fuse and power is back to normal. He already locked the access to the power meter with a reasonable size lock, which I supplied to him earlier.

Moral / Gees of the story:

1. There are bad evil people out there who’s main activity is stealing fuse plus other valuable things.

2. Lock and protect your TNB power meter because the fuse are in great demand and is of high value. That’s why this nasty people want it very much that they don’t mind stealing them.

3. TNB are a very professional, efficient and effective company. They responded via the telephone call very fast (not like AirAsia care / telephone service which is VERY VERY poor). TNB telephone service clearly inform us our turn or number of waiting list, so we can guess / estimate when they will entertain us. They continuously update our turn and the number keeps geting smaller and smaller until we speak with the TNB operator.

Their (TNB) inter-communication is very fast. No communication breakdown. They act very fast. They serve us very fast. They ensure that there is a staff to follow up with us to ensure that their technician is doing their job. They do not allow their technicians to collect money from customers as all charges will be presented in the bill (not like TMnet/telekom… the technician ask money…to repair my streamyx. Their telekom staff followed up by calling me and when I asked, they admitted that they allow their technician to charge us, on what basis, what standard rate I don’t know!!! The receipt was also not an official telekom receipt).

OK, back to the story… So, within less than 2 hours, the TNB technican arrived and replaced the stolen fuse and our problem was solve and we are happy.

Other service / utility companies should follow TNB work style ethics. I’m very impressed and amazed.

I can say Telekom is OK, but they can improve by implementing the system like TNB. Astro is OK but they need to speed up their technicians to come to the customer house and avoid saying their technicians will come within 1-2 days. If Astro is not ok, should we still pay the full amount of monthly package when we are not getting the ASTRO service!!! They should pro-rate… give discount in the bill.

But AirAsia is the worse of the worse… Very bad, very poor telephone customer service. Must improve. Don’t just focus on cutting budget… I’m not sure what is the priority or strategy implemented here.

Please, please…don’t get me wrong… I’m highlighting this to make and trigger AirAsia as well as the others improve their customer services. I’m a regular user of AirAsia and my family as well. We do support AirAsia but please, we don’t want to wait for AirAsia operator for 1 hour plus in the phone… If we waited for 1 hour plus and get to talk with them, that’s fine…bu the worse thing is in most cases, we got fed-up waiting for the AirAsia operator and hang up.

Please, please take the positive side of my writing. I want everything to improve, all services to provide the best services to their customers… Look at TNB for good example 🙂 .

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9 Responses

  1. azwan says:

    I have the same experienced with people from TNB. Fast and friendly. And I agree with you on Air Asia. Cheap, but unfriendly.

    People are flying with AirAsia just for its cheap price. Nothing else. They don’t even answer email.

    Luckily we now have option like FireFly.

  2. cyza says:

    Thanks for the experience notes Azwan. At least our experience is consistent 😉

  3. alice says:

    TNB has proven to provide the best service…

  4. samdaddycool says:

    Wow.. That’s very professional of TNB, thumbs up!!!

    .. AirAsia that bad??? haven’t use their telephone service recently….

  5. cyza says:

    Yes…yesterday was my first experience with TNB…and I was very amaze and impress….

    AirAsia…need to improve…a lot…

  6. titan says:

    wahh..good. 🙂

  7. cyza says:

    Good? It’s excellent!

  8. cyza says:

    Yes, after the experience, I agreed very much…

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