Top 3 of my worse experiences being…

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Have you been scolded before? I believe you have been at least once. Maybe by your mother or father or siblings. Maybe scolded by your friends or relatives. But what I want to share or maybe trigger is have you been scolded by your boss? Or your superior at work or in on organization (I’m aware some of you are still students)?

I would like to share top 3 of my experiences being scolded by my boss in my previous place that I worked for. I worked in this private manufacturing sector and I was a process engineer back then. Working in a private sector is far, I repeat, far different than working in the government sector/agency. In a private sector, you need to work your ass out. You need to really perform. Everybody have their own Key Performance Index (KPI) and their department’s KPI. As for in the government sector, KPI has just been introduced but I’m not sure yet on the success of implementing it. But, anyway, it is good that KPI is now being implemented by the government.

Back to my story…

First chapter

I first joined this company which I shall call it is “M” on the 8th of June 2005. The first day I joined, I was already brought to Singapore to meet up with the owner of the business at his head quarters. He is old, fierce, fat, like to scold and shout at anybody around him and always like to cursed… For example, his favourite word is “f**k” you…Β  Meeting him is a nightmare for any staff of M. I have no idea and no experience yet, and that’s why I don’t know. But my manager who brought me there warned me to be cautious and relax. With me, there are another 3 new engineer who have already worked in M for 2-4 months period. I have not worked yet. They were all frightened by the idea of meeting this big boss. During the so called informal meeting (not interview) he asked silly questions such as why the sky is blue? and also shouted and cursed… He also throw files here and there and kicked chairs and table. His daughter, who is also part of the managing staff tried to calm him but he is just like that. He asked me why I left my old company. I gave him an answer but he said that I’m a very good actor, as if I’m pretending giving good and nice excuses of why I left my old company. At the end of the day, I survived, we survived. However, the next day, one of the new engineers resigned although he has already work for 2 months already. When I asked him in the canteen, he said he cannot work in this type of environment….

Second chapter

One of my responsibility is to handle a factory project of tank auto gauging installation. If you don’t know what the hell is that, please ignore it. The project is very big and an expansive one. It’s tough to manage that project because it involves a lot or people (that’s fine) and the operation of the company (buy, sell, stock of oils, storage tanks which need to be dealt with the Operation Manager – another very fat and fierce character who always like to shout and scold anyone under him when he has the chance. That’s fine, I managed to handle that, with some agonizing mental strength, off course. However, due to the company’s tight operation schedule, the completion of this project was delayed, and that was not my fault. One day, in the canteen, while eating a plate of nasi lemak, the factory manager, the big boss (No. 1) in the place I work at shouted and called for me. I was surprised and stopped eating. Suddenly, he was already at the canteen door and shouted at me why the project has not completed yet? He shouted and scolded me in front of other staff there which include technicians, apprentices,Β  plant operators, supervisors, executives, engineers and the canteen people. I stood up still and tried to answer nicely. But, most of the time I kept quite as he was very angry. When he left, I felt very bad and embarrassed. The factory manager scolded and shouted at me in front 3 dozens of people. I could not continue to finish the half eaten nasi lemak. It was a really bad day for me. My friends tried to cheer me up. I appreciate that but the damage was already done and the scar stayed firmly there.

Third chapter

In a meeting to discuss the project that I handled (the same project as above), we have our contractor, executives and the fierce operation manager. We discussed on how to avoid the delay of the project and why the instrumentation installed showed problem. Instead of backing me, the person handling the project and a staff of M, the operation manager accused, blamed and shouted at me for all the problems. I tried to defend myself explaining but the bullets kept coming in and I could not hold it anymore. I was very furious and at the same time disappointed. I almost cried but I tried to be strong. Luckily that painful tears managed to remain inside my eyes πŸ™‚ . If not, it will be very embarrassing and humiliating.

Scolding terminology in private versus public sector

Well those are the top 3 interesting, painful, sarcastic and horrible experiences of mine at my previous work place, M. I think I have other experiences being scolded, but I barely remember. I resigned from M and worked in a public university under the government. The funny thing is the “terminology of scolding” in the government sector… Just imagine when a boss (head of department) complain with a moderate voice tone, the subordinates claimed they are scolded badly!!! Oh common… what the heck is that? That’s barely being scold. That, for me is just a simple conversation or correcting some improper work or poor quality work. I’ve been scolded and shouted far worse than that, and I have the guts to remain in M for 3 years and 6 months. I resigned not because I cannot stand to be there, but purely for career development. Instead of JUST being an engineer, now I can do teaching, lecturing, supervising, research, publication, consultation and much more. It’s all about the mental strength. You need to be strong and brave and know how to defend yourself. Of course you need to perform well to avoid any event of being “f**ked up”!!!

What about you guys? Any bad experience(s) getting scolded? I would love to here them πŸ˜‰

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17 Responses

  1. samdaddycool says:

    Those 2 chapter are really nightmare. I could not work under anyone’s command anymore. That’s one of the reason why I choose self employed.

    I love freedom and be my own boss.

    “kalau kita buat baik seribu kali pada orang, tapi tiba-tiba kita terbuat silap sekali, habis seribu kebaikan tu tertutup”.

  2. cyza says:

    Yes, it’s good to be our own boss. I’ve found more freedom and flexibility with my current j.o.b. now…

    j.o.b. = Just Obeying Boss… πŸ™‚

  3. titan says:

    j.o.b.. agree with you cyza. Haha..i also do that. Sometimes he angry and sometimes, he happy with me. So. just accept it. I already face many crazy and cruel boss before. So, this is normal to me. Haha..

    kekadang orang kita nih, baru marah sikit, dah terasa macam kene maki hamun..

  4. cyza says:

    It’s good to know that you are tough as well.
    We need to be tough and not easily torn down by those bosses…

  5. adamfaiz says:

    One of my worst experience was being scolded by big boss while he was on the line (telephone) with the customer. I was upset and I think he just wanted to show off his power. I lost my respect for him since that day. Lucky I no longer report to him..

  6. cyza says:

    Yea…sometimes they just want show off their power… which is bad, very bad… As a result, they earn no respect from their people…just like you… Worse case scenario, his/her workers quite…padan muka… πŸ˜‰

  7. samdaddycool says:

    Most bosses (especially successful businessman) extremely scolding their employee for certain reason (this is what I think)..

    – they have lots of pressure.
    – they only need perfection.
    -they can’t accept failure
    –they always pi** off

  8. cyza says:

    Yep…I can agree with you. Our boss have that pressure and need to divert it somewhere and for that reason…sometimes we became the victim…haha… Then, we divert the pressure and anger to the one working under us…haha….it’s like a chain reaction…Those poor people working under us, then go home and scold their family…. Oh…that’s wrong….

    Moral of the story…

    Don’t bring work problem to your home….

  9. blacksolder says:

    dah nama pun keje dengan boss. tahan ajelah telinga tu..

  10. cyza says:

    huhu… yep…correct correct

  11. says:

    you remind me of my previous previous company i worked for.
    i worked in a Japanese company led by an engineering background managing director.
    yelling staff and kicking stuff in one of many things he done.
    but lucky for me i am non-Japanese-speaking employee otherwise my ear will bleeding with blood after hearing with his “lectures”.
    i do manage to hold the position almost 3 years.
    although it is tough as hell, i learnt a lot.

  12. cyza says:

    Haha… interesting isn’t it? I think those who have not been scolded like that won’t feel the beauty and art of brutal scolding!!!
    If we are scolded hell like that, then we can appreciate our work better and that can help to make us tougher and stronger mentally. I learn a lot as well… πŸ˜‰
    Isn’t that great…

  13. Experiences?
    By experiencing one learns.

    By learning one lives.

    But to close our minds to all the experiences of the world.

    Is that not the greatest sin?

    But what experience can be considered real?

    The support one gains from their God?

    To hear its voice, feel its comfort?

    Is this just delusional? Why can others not feel what you do?

    Is an individuals defense to pain?

    How can one experience but the other is excluded?

    How can anyone ever be sure?

  14. cyza says:

    Is this a poem?

  15. photography says:

    Has anyone had a bad experience with a getting background check from the mormon church?

  16. photography says:

    Experience with rubber drain plugs for stripped oil pan?
    According to the people at an oil change place, I can’t have my oil changed because the oil pan is stripped at the drain plug. I can change my own oil. I’ve heard that as long as you change the rubber plug every oil change it should hold up nicely. I need to do something, I bought the car recently and the oil is thick and black…

  17. oil change should be done depending on the characteristic of the machine-;`

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