Temporary hick-up!!!

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For those of you who are regular in Cyza Sector, you might witness a downtime in this blog. I’m pretty much frustrated with this problem.

So, what is actually the problem?

I noticed that 70% of the time I can’t open my blog and 30% of the time I can. I believe some of you experience the same thing when you attempt to read my blog.  This had been happening for nearly 2 weeks.

To make things worse, yesterday night, I notice that the entire blogs in my first hosting (no need to mention it here) cannot be accessed!!! The hosting server was down. I emailed the hosting company. They asked me to submit a ticket. I clicked the link but unfortunately their ticket submission page cannot be opened (because their server is down!!!)

This was for me a disastrous moment. I have 13 blogs in this hosting account. More than half are actively generating money for me. This was a downtime and I was very frustrated and down. I emailed the hosting company again but no response yet.

After 18 hours and after coming back from work, I tried my luck and thank God, all my blogs can be opened. With a little guide from my Azwan, I back up all my blogs. Yes, believe it or not, I have not back up all my blogs all this while. Honestly I don’t know how to back up them. That’s when Azwan came to the rescue and became my IT consultant via few phone calls.

I’m now in the process of backing up all my blogs from my cpanel.

Moral of the story:

1. If you have a lot of blogs and content, you need to learn how to back up them.

2. Back up your blogs at least once a month, or once a fortnight (that’s better).

3. Select a reliable hosting company. The one which will respond to your email or ticket within 1-2 hours.

4. When we have blogs that generate money…a downtime like this is a huge and gigantic lost!!! So, we need to be careful and minimize the problems.

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12 Responses

  1. idnef barox says:

    Cyza, if you don’t mind may you share with us about how to backup using cPanel because I still not know about that..

  2. cyza says:


    I’m still in the process of doing the back up and I’m not sure yet whether it works or not. However, I’ll make a post on how to back using cpanel soon. Thanks for asking…

  3. titan says:

    pakai hosting yang mana ni? patut tak dapat masuk aritu..

  4. cyza says:

    Actually aku still pakai hosting yang sama…
    Cuma problem pada domain cyza.us ni…
    kejap boleh buka kejap tak boleh…
    Domain/blog lain dalam hosting ni boleh buka…
    Tahu tak apesal…?
    Problem yang tu tak resolve lagi aku rasa
    So, kiranya blog ni kejap ok kejap tak ok lah kot…
    Any idea?

    Aku nanti email ko hosting mana….

  5. farahaznil says:

    hahaha…sediakan payung sebelum hujan..sat gi nak backup file juga..takut tak smpt gi bank in duit nak renew domain n hosting..hi hi hi

    ps-tensen gi bank..mesin atm xmo telan duit..huhuhuhuh

  6. cyza says:

    Yep, better do that Farah…
    Back up…and back up..

  7. azwan says:

    So .. bro .. macam mana sekarang? akan pindah ke tidak? Domain ada masalah, hosting pun buat hal

    Mungkin hosting pun is a factor, sebab … once aku blah dari RA… ni, semua ok aje 🙂

    btw, kau dah verify file backup kau tu. Kau unzip kan dah tengok apa dia backup. sepatunya ada kesemuanya. directory content, mysql and everything.

    bab restore … don’t ask, aku tak pernah restore sendiri drp backup … sebelum ni semua serverfreak or netkl settle kan 🙂

  8. cyza says:


    I’m still doing it. Failed to make full back up. But, maybe I’ll seek some help from a new hosting company later.

    Thanks for your assistance.

  9. adamfaiz says:

    I experienced it with your blog…quite unfortunate at the time I wanted to look for your entry and it was down…time to change the hosting

  10. cyza says:

    Yes, in the process of choosing the right hosting and transferring the contents.

    I hope you will stay in touch with this blog 🙂

  11. adamfaiz says:

    You bet…I’ll be here

  1. March 24, 2010

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