230 Make Money Sites

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Without doubt, internet has a huge hidden treasure. Internet is the new gold mine of the 21st century and it is important for us to acknowledge and identify that fact. Failure to notice this will leave us behind in the net 2.0 era.

Believe or not, there are simply thousands of websites out there with various making money program. It all depends on us on how to seize the opportunities. Often, when I propose the idea of making money online, many naive people who are not familiar with internet 2.0 will ask me back, “Is it that online investment program?” or “Is it that selling and online program?”

It was not easy to counter that question back. In most cases I will just keep quite and listen to them telling me the whole idea of what they know about making money online. I don’t want to waste my time anymore to explain to those who are close to me about making money online anymore. Instead, I will just expose them to hundreds of make money online opportunities which they can choose and decide to do. Hence, to do that, I prepared a report or some may claimed it as a short ebook entitled “230 Make Money Sites”.

In this report, I presented 230 make money websites which run their own make money program. The make money program consists of several chapters:

A.    Make money from game sites
B.    Make, sell, and get paid
C.    Paid to share
D.    Online survey
E.    Paid to write/paid to review
F.    Domain parking
G.    Affiliate
H.    Pay per click
I.    Pay per lead
J.    Paid to take picture

The report is very valuable and I can’t really put a price on it.  I can easily charged around $20 or $30 for it. But, at the moment, the report will be give away to you free of charge. Just fill up the form below, download and report the report in less than 5 minutes. You’ll be exposed on such a huge list of making money programs available in the net… :)

Get "230 Make Money Sites" Ebook

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23 thoughts on “230 Make Money Sites”

  1. Oh! That’s good. I hope you won’t get confused with 230 websites / make money program… Just select a few and focus on it.

    Cheers… :)

  2. Yep bro! I’ll do just that because I learned the hard way before..information overloaded and in the end lost my focus., I’m still green in this IM thingy..

  3. We are no different. Me too. Exploring too much and at the end…haha… too much information. Too much email. Too much interesting making money opportunities.

    Few otai’s shared with me… Focus on 1 to 3 things first, then anything that you discovered along the way and if you are interested with it, just note it down in your notebook or paper, then after you have accomplished that 1 to 3 tasks, you can refer back to your notebook to see check out on the new info/products/services…

    P/s: have you see “Kick Ass”?

  4. Hi Cyza, it’s great to post it here. Just to let everyone know that there are plenty of ways to make money online. The reason being is, if you are not suitable for any program, all you have to do is switch it to fit your style.

    The way I see most newbies are confusing with those simple methods and can’t make any money. Good Post! Bye…

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