My hosting experiences

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I believe this is one of the most important turning points in my online curricular @ business activities. I have just switched to an international hosting provider, This is my 5th hosting company after the other 3. Let’s put some name on those hosting companies: A, B, C, and

What happen to the 1st hosting company, A?

It was a local hosting company, very good, reliable, good support and professional. As far as I can remember I used their service for 2 years plus. It stated to me clearly that I cannot run a forum. That’s fine and that’s why I got myself hosting B because I wanted to run a chemical engineering forum. I hosted some blogs on it until around 2009, where that time I faced some huge downtime when all my blogs was claimed to consume a large amount of their resources. It affected my income up to some level. Luckily I have some profitable blog that are running online. I was puzzled because I know I don’t have that much traffic and my niche wasn’t that popular ~ chemical engineering!!! I asked for further clarification and details on which specific blog(s) or page(s) really created the problem. They can’t produce the report to me. However, they recommended me to transfer to another hosting and that was when I migrated to hosting C. Hosting A administrator helped and guided me to transfer to hosting C.

What happen to the 2nd hosting company B?

I got myself a domain and hosting from this small but quite well known hosting company among Malaysian bloggers. The owner of the hosting also runs a famous forum which attracted those who desire to make money online. My reason for taking hosting B was just to run a forum. I managed to run a forum using a platform that is easily installed via fantastico in the cpanel. Unfortunately, after one year and after having 300 plus members inside the forum, it was hacked. The poor forum cannot be accessed at all despite of staying at PR2 after merely a year. I consulted the hosting admin. He recommended me to back-up and re-install the forum. I tried but I don’t know whether I did the right thing or not. I was so forum and ftp naïve. I got frustrated and wasted a lot of time meddling with backing-up and installing the forum repeatedly. Frustrated, I asked for the hosting admin assistance. He claimed he tried but after that can’t do anything about it. So, the forum when history!!! I was so disappointed and that was a very expansive lesson for me.

What happen to the 3rd hosting company, C?

Hosting C just started its business and offers cheap hosting packages. The support was superbly efficient and I liked it very much. I was happy to use hosting C service. I use this hosting because I want to have a back up for hosting A. I don’t want to have all blogs in one hosting, ie hosting A. So, I created few more blogs incorporate it in hosting C. When I experienced problem with hosting A in 2009 (as stated above), I also got a second hosting C account. They helped me and I immediately got all my blogs from hosting A online instantaneously. Unfortunately, hosting C cannot maintain their outstanding services and slowly I experienced problems at the end of last year. That’s when I searched for a replacement for hosting C and after a brief searched, I opted hosting D.

Hosting D =

Malaysia Web Hosting

After experiencing some problem with hosting C, I saw a good promotion from Since I know the owner, I tried using his service. So far my blogs are doing fine with for 7 blogs of mine hosted there. This hosting company provides substantial cheap for newbie. If you are newbie (new to blogging and wanted to use a cheap hosting), you can try it out. Check the hosting packages here.

Hosting E =

This is the latest hosting that I purchased yesterday and all 13 of my blogs were successfully transferred here. I have no complains or what so ever. I think it is the best hosting in the planet. Although the price is slightly expansive than the local hosting company packages, I don’t care. I need a reliable hosting provider with dedicated 24/7 support who can answer/respond to me immediately. Last month and up to yesterday, I experienced weird downtime on 2 of my blogs including this blog, cyza sector. I have been asking around about the intermittent problem which occurred, but there was no conclude answer on solving the problem. After transferring to, I believe the problem has been solved by and I’m glad. I hope Cyza Sector and my Heat Exchanger blog will continue up operating without downtime. I’m proud to host my blogs with I signed up for the baby plan which requires me to pay recurring $9.95 per month via paypal.  The beautiful part of this package:

  • Unlimitted addon domains
  • Unlimitted bandwidth
  • Unlimmited disk space
  • Free $50 adwords + more and more superb features…

I’m going to use the free $50 adwords to market one of my blogs. Oh, isn’t that great? If you have low budget, you can choose their cheapest plan which is only $4.95 per month. Try it out and chat with their support. You can easily clear any of your doubts after chatting with them.


Selecting and after that using a hosting for your blog and website is very crucial. You need to choose the most reliable hosting. If you are new, you can try the cheaper hosting packages, probably from local hosting. Get use to hosting, cpanel, and ftp. At this stage, a newbie may have at least 1 blog or the most 2 or 3 blogs. But, once the blogs and websites have grown and start generating income, you may want to protect that.

Hosting operation is not under you control, but you have the power to choose which reliable hosting to erect your online real estate. Having a dozen or 2 dozens of blog generating cash with unreliable hosting is like suicide. When the hosting is down, you can’t even communicate with the hosting support and that is very unfortunate. You will lose your income. The advertisers will get mad and shout at you.

Check out this analogy…

Imagine you owned an oil refinery and the production requires electricity to power up the pumps, heating, pressure etc. Your production is smooth and meets the daily and monthly target. You profit margin of selling oil from your refinery is very impressive. You give out 5 months bonus to all your staffs at the end of the year. Then, one sweet day, while the plant is running, the electricity supply (@ hosting service) was cut-off. You can’t do anything and your refinery (@ your blogs) is experiencing bad downtime. No oil is produced (@ your income). Worse… the supply won’t be back until 1 week due to a major explosion at a nearby power station. They can’t repair the problem faster because they are lack of manpower (@ hosting company not enough technical support). You are helpless. You can’t produce oil. Your customers (@ advertisers) get angry because the oil you promised them is not delivered.

Although this is not a perfect analogy, but you can just imagine and picture that.

Moral of the story

When your online business is getting bigger, get the most reliable hosting. I don’t see anything else but

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16 Responses

  1. BloggerDaily says:

    Yeah.. choosing a good webhosting provider is very crucial nowadays as webhosting matters also involve online business, making money and etc.

    A good provider will always help. That’s what I learned from my fellow mate =)

  2. adamfaiz says:

    You still have your blogspot running? Mmm and it is still earning money? It is nice of you to share the hosting experience for the newbies to learn and manage their own someday..

  3. cyza says:

    You’re right bro…
    Be extra cautions when getting a hosting… Invest wisely… 🙂

  4. cyza says:

    Yep, my is very important for me. It helped me a lot and from it my online income started…

    It’s important to share this information with others, especially newbies…

    I hope cyza sector will be up, up and away….

  5. zik says:

    nice… jom hosting is ok what.. 🙂 im using this server…

  6. cyza says:

    OK…who says is not OK?


  7. titan says:

    hoho..akhirnya..bertukar juga ke hostgator. 🙂

  8. zik says:

    yala.. is the best … 🙂 suggest… sory la broken language.. hehe

  9. cyza says:

    Haha… no hal bro…anyway, thanks for dropping by 🙂

  10. cyza says:

    Yes…finally… 🙂
    Happy and peaceful…

  11. Careers says:

    HG support is the best.

    Jomhosting is ok for a normal blog, but for a blog with high traffic, it is a big letdown.

  12. cyza says:

    Yep, totally agreed. What about you? When are you going to get HG?

  13. Careers says:

    Not so soon as the current one is enough for me.

  14. cyza says:

    ok, when you want one, let me know ok…

  15. BIZZNURSE says:

    Hi Cyza, Well, its clearly here that to find a good web hosting, one got to have a clear view what his or her site needs. A very informative post for someone looking for web hosting package like me. I envy your blog, clean layout and you hosted it like a pro!

  16. cyza says:


    I forgot to add/update about my hosting. I just got myself the 6th hosting and I’m proud of it. If there are A, B, C, D and E…. F is ServerFreak. It’s based in Malaysia. I’m using it for some of my projects with a friend of mine. SF is reliable and I said that after communicating with them and after they successfully transferred 2 of my key blogs.

    Thanks for your compliment. I’m thinking of getting a new theme. It’s quite tough to get a theme that I really like. Maybe I’ll just settle with this one but with some minor modifications.

    Let’s just see how it goes… 🙂

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