Problogger versus part time blogger

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Few years ago, after I started earning some decent income via blogging, I have thought of quitting my job. That time, I would love to be able to blog, earn money at home and be a full time father to my 3 kids. It is not because I hate my job but because I felt the excitement of the idea. Without doubt, international bloggers like John Chow and Shoe Money has some how influence me to that direction. Then, I discovered about my fellow countrymen, LiewCF and Rohaizad who also make a living from blogging. Then recently, I learned that another problogger, Boss, whom I met for the first time yesterday, also chose to dedicate his time on blogging.

Should I quit?

The early part of the story above has inspired me to quit my job as an engineer. However, after I resigned from my engineering career at the beginning ofย  third quarter 2008 and became an educator in a public higher institution, I quickly erase that idea. This is what I want. It’s my ambition. I have wanted to be an educator all this while and after 5 years waiting, I finally got it. I love the fact that now I’m an educator. I love to use the terminology educator compared to lecturer. Excuse me for that.

Being a lecturer is more diversified than being an engineer. Of course, an engineer is more hands on but I’m restricted to the regulations of my company. I can only do the job I’m assigned to and the scope is very limited. Now,ย  with my new position, I become more hectic but more flexible. I’m establishing my career and I love it so much. I just want to be able to do stuff I’m fond off. The job scope of a lecturer is very wide. There are 7 main duties of a lecturer. Let me share it here:

1. Teaching
3. Research
4. Writing
5. Publishing
6. Consultation
7. Social work

So how should I handle it now? I love my current job. At the same time, I enjoy my online activities. I like both of them. There’s no way I’m going to choose either one. So, there’s no way I’m going to be a problogger. Even if I earn handsomely from my blogging and other online activities, I will still pursue my duty is an educator.


I will always be a part time blogger, a part time internet entrepreneur and a full time educator. Besides that, I’m a full time husband, father and son too. I’ll settle with that..and I am happy to be actively involve in both…

I love Chemical Engineering… ๐Ÿ˜‰

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18 Responses

  1. adamfaiz says:

    I think it is a good decision. I am more or less moving to that direction too because I love what I do now although sometimes I get the blues. But that’s parts and parcel of working….

  2. cyza says:

    Haha…we always have something in common… When are you coming down to JB again?

  3. itisrajah says:

    choose the best.
    never quit anything good.
    good luck!

  4. cyza says:

    Yes, I have chosen them. Thanks. What about you Hajar?
    When are you coming to our house again?

  5. itisrajah says:

    come to your house?
    oh, i just wait until adi bring me there la.
    he he.

  6. cyza says:

    Haha…maybe tomorrow after your exam…what about that?

    Good luck for your exam tomorrow…

  7. itisrajah says:

    make sure you cook the best tomyam ever that i can never forget, can or not?
    he he.
    joke joke.
    hey you know about me sitting for my last paper tomorrow eh?
    well, thank you!
    pray for me and for my roomate and my course mate too, ye.

  8. cyza says:

    The world is not that big sis. How do you think I know about your paper?

    Anyway, best of luck in your exam tomorrow… ๐Ÿ˜‰

  9. zik says:

    not quit la.. but ..take a rest for a while.. can like that my statement? ?huhu

  10. cyza says:

    Oh that’s equally fine as well… Take a break take a kitkat…

  11. i guess, both type of blogger was great. As long as they can do what they have to do. That was enough, right?

  12. cyza says:

    Yes, knightblogger, you are right… ๐Ÿ˜‰

  13. botak says:

    oh I’m very sorry that I’ve never noticed about your dream to be an educator. if u’ve done searching things u’ve ever dream, don’t quit. just keep improving on what u already achieve.

  14. cyza says:

    Haha….no problemo…

    No more job hoping for me now… ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. botak says:

    mybe this is what we call optimum. u r happy with ur work, in the same time u can produce money and manage family very well. sometimes, people going crazy and greedy and stingy about money. in the same time, they left their interest(or hobby) and life(eg:family).but remmember, as long as u r a human, u can never become satisfy of u already have. this is what we call nafs, and nafs are ugre by syaitan. here an example story for you: a man who already have a mountain of gold yet not satisfy of what he have. he will later ask for another one.
    morale of the story: beware of syaitan.

  16. cyza says:

    Thanks for the tips bro…
    REally appreciate it.

  17. samdaddycool says:

    Enjoy whatever you are doing . You only live once!

  18. cyza says:

    Yeah…. I’m trying hard to enjoy and balance all of it.

    Need some excitement for me and my family too… ๐Ÿ™‚

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