Why you are so evil?

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I just don’t understand!

What is your motive?

Have I hurt you before?

Do I know you?

Why I am your target?

Am I your competitor?

Why do you have to hack my blog?

These are the questions hunting me now. One of my blog was suddenly hacked and I’m very pissed off with this evil devil hacker! This is the 2nd time I have experienced being hacked. My first experience was in 2007 when I hosted and own my own chemical engineering forum. That time I’m still naive and when the forum which already have 300+ members was hacked, I have no clue at all on how to cure it. I turned to the singly handed hosting owner which I hosted my forum. However to my disappointment, he was not helpful enough. Or maybe I should describe it as he put no effort at all to help me. Damn both the hacker and the hosting… At the end, I lost my forum, the registered member sand precious chemical engineering content.

Now… again, I’ve been hacked. Now, I’m sorting this out with my partner Azwan. Please pray that our blog will be OK…

Photo credited to: http://www.iith.ac.in/elan10/animaniac.html

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17 Responses

  1. adamfaiz says:

    I pity you and Azwan. Maybe it was from the competitor or maybe it was just plain evil. About your previous forum, was it locally hosted? Sounds familiar..

  2. cyza says:

    Yes. It was locally hosted. Sounds familiar? with what?

  3. itirsajah says:

    sabar sje la ye abang zaki.
    inysaAllah, buat baik dibalas baik.
    dia buat jahat, nanti dia dibalas jahat.

  4. cyza says:

    Ye… tengah sabar dan sabar ni…huhu…not settle yet…but hopefully will settle soon.

  5. azwan says:

    I think it may be difficult to avoid future attacks, but luckily we hv a good hosting provider and very sound tech support person … and we hv made backups 🙂

    We got everything back!

    Apa-apa pun, backup is important. Although our hosting provider is already doing a full daily backup .. I hv changed our own db backup schedule to daily instead of weekly and will do a full backup tonite … just in case.

    Will be looking for some security plugins ……

  6. cyza says:

    Thanks bro… yep we should increase and tighten up our defense system.

    Yep…having a reliable hosting company is crucial for us in the online business…

  7. london taxis says:

    I have nothing interesting to say, but i have interest in what other people write, but Munish, 200+ blogs a day? that’s a lot of reading!

  8. titan says:

    biasa aku minta tolong kat hosting provider aku. Diorang yang akan setelkan biasanya.

  9. adamfaiz says:

    The one that I asked you before ..single owner

  10. cyza says:

    Oh ok…hahah… don’t use that one. Not good technical support.

  11. cyza says:

    Selalu ke ko kena?

  12. samdaddycool says:

    hmm I’ve no idea how to recover any blog / website being hacked. Just remind myself to do backup regularly.

  13. cyza says:

    Yep…back-up is important… 🙂

  14. farahaznil says:

    huyooo..siap kena hacker…dashat tuh!!!!hahaha..tahniah bro..ada org jeles..hehehe…itu menunjukkan 1 kejayaan tu..wohoo

  15. cyza says:

    Haha…itu macam ka?

  16. botak says:

    hoo mcm best jee..lepas ni kita belajar hack n hack balik website or bank account org yg buat hal tu..haha

  17. titan says:

    dulu la. masa awal-awal. Selalu gak. Sekarang jarang dah..hampir kepada tak pernah..

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