7 Tips to create a better blog and blog post.

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If you are new in the blogging world and have bigger plans to earn money from blogging in the future, than here are some simple and useful tips that you can apply while writing your post and publishing them:

1. Try to blog in English if you plan to have wider monetization method. Unless your target is local audience and you have other huge plan such as covering local gossips and entertainment industry, you can blog in your own mother tongue language.

2. Write unique blog post. It might be tough to write by yourself in English, but remember the saying… practice make perfect!!! So, keep on writing (or typing) your niche articles in English. Don’t worry about your English level. Just do it (using Nike’s motto). You’ll get better and better in future.

3. Fill up and label appropriate categories. This is imperative for several reasons. It will be easier for your readers to select which topic he or she prefers to read in your blog. Besides that, it is good for optimization strategy in attracting the crawler or spider from the search engines. There are also making money programs that look at how you arrange your categories in order to allow them to give you more payments.

4. Fill up the “Tags” as well. This will also assist into some unknown level towards better positioning in the Search Engine Result Page (SERP). Just like the previous point, some advertiser or make money program love blogs that have more tags. This will allow more pages in your blog to be indexed.

5. Post on a consistent basis!!! This is very important. Let your readers know what is your pace. You don’t need to inform them officially in your blog saying “I blog once a week” or “I blog 3 times a week”. That is not necessary. It is ample that you set your own pace and blog according to your time. If you can blog twice a week, then stick to it. If you have more times to spend and you think you can blog everyday, than by all means, stick to once a day. Just be consistent. You don’t want to blog like crazy on a daily basis and suddenly you forgot to update your blog for 2 weeks. This will put off your audience. If you are going for a dream vacation, use the schedule posting feature inside WordPress. The new Blogger.com also has this feature embedded.

6. Learn how to use good keywords in your title and blog post. This is one of the critical parameters to ensure that your blogpost is better identified by the crawler and sits comfortably in good SERP position. Let say your niche blog  is about Nokia handphone and you want to blog about their battery. Think of the most suitable rich keyword that relates your niche with the point you are going to elaborate in your blogpost. Perhaps “Nokia handphone battery charger” is a good choice. Let that be your title. In your blog post, mention the same keyword about 3 to 5 times. This can make your blog post shoot up to the top of the SERP for that particular keyword!!!

7. Include nice beautiful photo(s) in your blog post. The photo might not be related but it is acts as a decorative art for your blog, just like the photo frame on your house wall. If it is related, then that’s even better. I will always try to include whatever photo on my blog post nowadays to attract new comers attention. This tip was given to me personally by HujanBatu.com. Thanks bro.

Hmm… I guess that’s it for now. I hope the tips are helpful and can move your blog to another level.

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p/s: Why Durian photo?

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15 Responses

  1. Hairil Rizal says:

    Great tips there mate especially on the ‘keywords’ part.

    Let me guess on the durian – it’s because this post of yours has so many benefits in the inside.. just like a durian?


  2. cyza says:


    Well you can say that. Although I don’t eat durian because it is of it exothermic to my inner stomach, yeah…it may symbolize the content of this blog post…hehe…

  3. kerja kosong says:

    I agree.. and the most important thing is hard work and consistent :p

  4. cyza says:

    Yes, and you too are practicing keyword in backlinking to your site… Well done.

  5. botak says:

    haha lepas ni boleh letak gmbar pisang la pulak..
    x pun rambutan

  6. cyza says:

    Gambar pisang dah standby….pokok pisang depan rumah…hehe…

  7. PPC says:

    I followed Darren with the the e-mail subscription and loved it. The hard copy must be a great buy.

  8. titan says:

    hehe. betul tu. betul..

  9. cyza says:

    Eh…ko kan lagi pakar bro…hehe

  10. adamfaiz says:

    Great tips here..

  11. cyza says:

    Cheers mate… 🙂

  12. firdaus says:

    salam, really great tips. i also struggling to write my own english blog. your tips really help me. tq.

  13. cyza says:

    No hal bro…

  14. Jomtonton says:

    Kena banyak belajar dengan bro Cyza ni..
    Tunjuk ajar ku sifu 🙂

  15. Jomtonton says:

    Include nice beautiful photo(s) in your blog post.. setuju sangat,
    Terkejut juga bila buka entri ni, tgk ada durian pulak 🙂

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