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I never knew nor imagine the income potential via blogging until I started passively earn money recently. It has been such a beautiful and marvelous experience. Though the income is not as high as some of my part time or full time bloggers counterpart but I’m extremely glad for the blessing God gave me and my family.

When the salary is no longer sufficient to support us (believe me there are times we faced this), the blogging money comes very handy. I just go to the bank and clear, or can I say claim the Google Adsense money. The stronger the US dollar, the better for me, but not good for the country!!! The same goes to other making money opportunities that I’m participating in.

If you are new with blogging and expect to earn money as soon as possible, please don’t dream so. Making money via blogging requires a huge passion and spectacular amount of time for you to build and establish the foundation – just like cooking a huge meal for 500 people as you can see me in the photo up there… For me, it took about 2 years plus to reach my current position and earning. Cooking that curry meat took only 5 hours to complete the thermodynamic process, but the preparation before it must be considered too. I’m not going to stay comfortable at this level but I’m going to work my ass out to another higher level. I’m focusing on some smaller amount of blogs now, some of it is a join venture between me and a friend.

Despite of having and paying for an autoresponder, my time won’t allow me yet to make full use of the automatic making money machine.


The answer is very simple. “Time” is not on my side. As some of you have known, I’m married, have 3 precious beautiful kids, have a career that I dream off, currently pursuing my Ph.D in Chemical Engineering and also preparing my project paper for my professional engineer status. The time allocated for online blogging and affiliate marketing is minute. That’s fine for me and that’s why I try hard to manage and optimize my time. So, if it’s meant to build an online business, I’ll create and establish a passive one and I know blogging can provide me that financial boost and security (anti recession).

If God spare me some more extra time, I’ll spend it to construct and launch my own affiliate business. I got one in the line but I have not launch it yet. Need to improve few things before it can be officially released. A successful affiliate business will ensure more wealth faster than blogging. Integrating blogging and affiliate marketing will be a complete combination of financial fire power that everybody will want to achieve. Combined, both platform will be semi automatic passive income and that is what all of us should target for.

So, what about you? I’m not sure but I would love to know your plans. I’m not aiming to be a blogger celebrity or a famous affiliate marketer. It’s enough to be an underground person who have thick pockets and invest his money in high performing mutual funds + golds.

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15 Responses

  1. botak says:

    1) why didi you mention gold??haha
    2) other than time, we also need disiplin..bcoz tanpa disiplin, time would be wasted..just like my past 2 months of school holidays..
    3) if u have another opportunity to study some of conventional bussiness from hj.razak, please do so,dan ilmunya jgn lupa dipanjangkan to your other little brothers
    4) emas=kekayaan sebenar while paper money or electronic money boleh dimanipulasikan

  2. cyza says:

    1. Because I also have gold. Do I need to show in this blog?
    2. Managing time = discipline.
    3. Off course.
    4. Gold, yes that’s true. I don’t deny that.

  3. syarani says:

    Assalamualaikum cyza,
    i noticed bout ur blog site from rohaizad 2months ago and keep visiting while having my leasure time and what can i say,u got a very informative blog and i enjoy reading eventhought i can describe that ur blog is more on personal blog.Sharing all the things inside a blog but i know blogger got their others blog as their money making machine blog that provide a passive income.I’m on my way to become a part time blogger,doing two jobs at the same time killing me sometime ;p hope that ur site can inspire me while i struggling for better monetization skill on all my blogs.Anyway keep it up bro. 😉

  4. kerja kosong says:

    Actually its hard think i feel when need to juggling time between our formal work and blogging. So your are correct that discipline is the key of it.. no matter how busy you are, just make sure you need to spare your time to do your passive income 😀

  5. cyza says:

    Waalaikumsallam syarani,

    Thanks for visiting my blog. It’s good to have new readers coming to my blog. It’s even better to learn that they like reading my musing.
    Yep, you are definitely correct that this is more to my personal blog. and it is right that other bloggers have other blogs to help them generate sweet money. The blogs are purposely designed and destined to generate money.

    Are you married? Are you working or are you a student?

    There is a huge difference with your status and occupation/career.

    I’ll try my best to provide more knowledge and revelation of my online experiences.

    Thanks for all the sharring bro.. I hope you too can make it…

  6. cyza says:

    Yep, even if it takes 1 hour per day….or 30 minutes a day…
    It does make a difference in our blogging career.

  7. donnyien says:

    Awesome blog!Will come back soon to see new updates.cheers.

  8. cyza says:

    Hey Donnyien,

    Thanks. You got a great blog too 🙂

  9. PPC says:

    I would love to have this, if this is available for free, as I do not have enough money to invest…If I am unable to get it, I hope that I will get huge tips for effective blogging through your post as i am getting till now…

  10. cyza says:

    What the heck!!!

  11. MaxMonic says:

    Good post. Make money via affiliate is indeed easier. But a strategic and proper planning is vital. Blogging in other hand just require you to write. No risk in losing money from advertisement and all. But that’s also the reason why blogging sucks. It need us to write a lot.

  12. adamfaiz says:

    Passive income, I wonder how Boss did it…70% of his income is through this…

  13. cyza says:

    Bro…it is possible…
    Nothing is impossible.
    I know Boss can do it because I also earn from it…the only difference is his strategy is better than mine…his clever…and also he is now a full time blogger, hence more focus…

    You can do it too…

    Start small first bro…but you need to invest in a hosting and domain name…

  1. July 23, 2010

    […] I got myself my new VA. He will work for me and do what ever I asked him to do, to help me with my blogging business. I’m really glad to have him on board helping me with my online jobs. He has done some work […]

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