Postmoterm and Analysis Day

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It has been a while since I think, review and analyze the performance of all my blogs. It’s not a good thing to just blast and work on all of our blogs without proper planning. It’s also not good to get distracted with all sorts of offering available in the internet and in our inbox. Either they are free or paid product/service/software/script etc, we still need to remain focus to reach our ultimate online goal.

If some of you want to know how much blogs I have, well here is your lucky day. I don’t have that much blog as some of you may have thought. I only have:

  • dot com blogs : 20
  • blogs : 10

That’s all. All that are currently active are 30 blogs. Last month I have 32 blogs but I’m letting go some of them to allow me to focus on the one that I have now. I chatted with a few of my fellow bloggers including Rohaizad and Azwan. Both of them said I need to focus on just few and make them really profitable financially to me instead of building hundreds of low income producing blogs. Hence, I maybe focusing on far less blogs instead of all 30 blogs. I’m thinking on focusing on 5 of my top notch blogs (this blog is not considered). Cyza Sector, for your information does not contribute to any of my online income except for TNX. Cyza Sector is not a niche blog, instead it is just a blog for me to jot down my feelings, mood, release my tension and communicate with all of you, my loyal readers.

Back to the original intention…

After a while and after some rational thinking, I studied why my organic traffic for one of my blog was very poor. I don’t know yet the answer. I checked the backlinks… it was also poor. What I can say is it seriously impacted my income (which all this while enjoyed handsome organic traffic). See the illustration above showing the little amount of organic traffic I’m getting!!! Alas… Pity me…

I’m thinking of improving my backlinks after reading the Killer Backlink Ebook provided by my highly rated entrepreneurial  friend, Boy Bersahaje. I almost ordered some directory submission services from an Indonesian guy but I halted. I want to allow myself to think and analyze more before I invest some more precious dollars on establishing my top 5 blogs.

So, lets see here what I’ve been doing since I woke up this Sunday morning…

  • Checked all my blogs for the number of pages that were indexed by Google.You can do this just by going to search engine. Then, type in “”. For example, for this blog, I typed in the google search box – “”. After that, this result appeared: About 208 results (0.09 seconds) which means I have only 208 pages of Cyza Sector in the search engine. I think that’s quite low for my blog. Well, this is part of how I checked how much pages of my blog is indexed by the search engine.
  • Checked the analytics of my blogs. You can do this by registering an account with (if you still don’t have an account). Having analytics will provide us tonnes of useful data for us to adjust, tweak and further optimize our blog performances.

Some shocking discoveries

I’ve discovered some of my blogs have substantially poor backlinks and also very low pages indexed by Google. This is despite of certain backlink services that I ordered earlier. So, what when wrong here. Mathematically, if I ordered a directory submission of 200 pages, I’m expecting the worse backlink to my blog to be around 100. However, the numbers are a mere 1 digit figure.

What does this finding shows me?

The directory submission services may work and may not work. I have some blogs that uses the directory submission and have spectacular backlinks and pages indexed nicely in uncle Google. I still need to investigate on this. I also need to diversify the way of sending backlinks to my blogs. I can’t just hope miracle from directory submission alone but also need some reinforcement from other techniques and methods. I may need to invest few bucks to get this done.

My nearby short term goal

By hook or by crook, for my top 5 blogs, I need to maximize the:

  • Number of backlinks to my blogs
  • Number of unique blog posts
  • Targeted keywords
  • Number unique traffic
  • better position in SERP

Expected outcomes

If my short term goals converts, I’m expecting a boost in my online income. I’m hoping to double the average of what I earn in the first half of 2010. The income may be funneled from the popular Adsense and other make money online programs that I’ve shared before. I’m also expecting strangers a.k.a advertisers to email me and say…”Hey! I wanted to place a link in your blog… How can I do that? “. I’ll definitely grin and smile when receiving such rewarding email.

That’s it for now. I need to relax my indispensable pair of eyes for a while. It has been working so hard staring at the laptop monitor. Not just that, my eyes have been used to watch the world cup… 🙂

I need a break as well to do my other official jobs…

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12 Responses

  1. azwan says:

    I think … as a start, 5 should be good enough.

  2. adamfaiz says:

    “I’m thinking on focusing on 5 of my top notch blogs (this blog is not considered)…”

    Nevermind bro, I still like what you’ve shared here..

  3. cyza says:

    Yep, I follow your advice bro…

  4. cyza says:

    Haha…ye ke? Caya lah…

  5. kerja kosong says:

    wow 30 blogs.. i couldn’t believe how you manage those all alone. It must be really crazy jobs. Unless you hire peoples to update those.

  6. cyza says:

    Haha…not all the blogs are active. Some of them are just set up and then I forgot to update. But when I got the PR, I use it.

    I’m not planning to hire people to update my blog. I’m thinking now to only focus on my top 5 blogs…and that’s all… It’s good to make that 5 blogs giving us USD$2000/month rather than 30 blogs giving us USD$400/month. What do you think of that?

  7. botak says:

    long wat to go man..
    u still have time for those dream..
    jgn lupa tugasan sebagai mentir pulak lepas tu..

  8. cyza says:

    Tugasan mentir or mentor?

  9. botak says:

    salah taip daa~
    keybord ni x sedap

  10. PPC says:

    I’m still hurting from Wednesday, which is why my thoughts my seem a little scrambled. Apologies for that. However, all this talk of doom and gloom (on the pitch) is premature and while we didn’t qualify for the semi final, Wednesday proved there’s reason to be optimistic in the future.

  11. cyza says:

    SEO betul lah!!!

  12. Rhymee says:

    Informative article. Nice one.

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