4 Tips to Reach Your Goal(s)

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It is not easy to be successful and rich. Everybody will surely agree with me on that. Don’t you think so? You need a reason and the reason need to be really worthy. You will definitely to fight your ass out to reach your precious goal in life. Being successful is not an individual matter. It’s about teamwork. I would like to share some of the strategy I’m implementing in reaching my ambitious goals (I have not reached my goal yet)

1. Identify and write down your goals.

This is very, I repeat very important. You need to clearly define your goals because this is what you will be aiming for in what ever space time you set. I have my own goals that I’m targeting. So far, my materialistic goal is to accumulate ……… by the age of 40 years old. See… I have clearly define what I want (which I’m not going to reveal here) and set specific time when to achieve it. I also have another 2 career related goals which are to get my doctorate and be a professional engineer in 2012. Those are another clear and distinctive goals. You should have one (or several) and try to laser focus on it (them).

2. Prepare a realistic plan of action

To achieve your goal, no matter how high it is, you need to have a master plan on how to achieve your goals. The plan of action need to be reasonable and realistic. The plan will be one step at a time and progressively reaching your goals. For example, My target is to accumulate ……. by the age of 40 years old. It’s like impossible for me to accumulate …….. with only my salary!!! I must be frank with you that I cannot at all save any penny from my monthly salary. To make the story sad, my wife’s salary also could not be spared as well. Both our combine salary is only sufficient to help us live that month. So, in order to reach our financial goal, both of us have to do extra job. My wife has her consultation projects to take care off and the pay, although not consistently getting project, it is good enough to help us save some money. In the other hand, I’m developing and establishing my online business. I have set the amount of money I need to generate for certain months and years. I have noted the online expenses I have to cover hosting, auto-responder, domains, paying virtual assistant salary, outsourcing some jobs and others. Those are related to our financial goals.

For my postgraduate study, I planned my writing, experiments and others accordingly. It is tough of course to do a Ph.D but my supervisor SMSed me yesterday and told me to see the final end result, which is to have the title “Dr. “in  front  of my name.

3. Associate with those who have the same interest

Do you remember, when you are in school. When the exam approaches, you will create a study group. Why? To discuss about the subjects you are going to face for the examination. Sometimes you don’t understand certain formulas and your friend will help and explain it to you. The same goes to reaching your goal. You might not have the same target, but your colleagues who happens to be in the same interest (same niche) will be there for you. This is the guys that you share your interest passionately with. Do you have those friends?

I’m glad that I have known and be friends with those who are in the same circle. I can discuss about blogging strategies, activities happening in the internet marketing world locally and internationally, making money online and much more. Once in a while, like tonight, I’ll be catching up with some of my online friends, not empty chatting but getting up to date with the latest internet and cyberspace buzz. We share the same interest and we are very passionate of it. We share information and help to build each others’ success.

When it comes to my study and research, I’m fortunate that I am in a research group. There are other Ph.D, masters and undergraduate student performing their own research. We discuss research related information. No need for me to cover those nasty technical terminology here.

There are actually other approach on this. You can also associate with those having same interest in blogs, forums and social sites. If you have an interest of playing remote control drift car, you will surely visit remote control drift car blogs, forums and be a member of a related group in social sites.

4. Get yourself a mentor

I covered about this recently. This is as equally as important as point number 1, 2 and 3 above. To speed up a reaction (process) to see the end result, you need a mentor to guide and help you. This is important to speed up your destiny to success. A mentor will guide you and based on his or her experiences. They will show which path for you to take, what you should do, what you should not do, what you should focus on etc. Without a mentor, you can still reach your goal but maybe it will take longer duration of time. I consider a mentor like a catalyst – something that can speed up a process. Why choose to struggle 13 years if you can make it in 4 years with the help of a mentor? Get my point?

There are mentors who want something in return such as certain amount of fees or profit sharing. There are mentors who want their names as co-writer in a book or paper that we publish. There are also certain mentors who sincerely wants to help us without any charge. Either way won’t matter. If it is important, just get a mentor and make sure you get a good one, those who have the real experience and success. Do not get an adviser. An adviser will only advice and do not know about what you doing. They may know theoretically but practically they are not at all fit to be called a mentor. So, be careful.

I’m glad that I have all 4 points covered now for my goals. Different goals, different target, different strategies, different type of colleagues and of course different mentors. What about you?

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10 Responses

  1. fawzan says:

    Putting down the goals in one thing, achieving it is another..have to follow the old SMART method..you won’t go wrong (I am still struggling to follow it myself..hehehe)

  2. cyza says:

    Putting is very easy.

    Executing is like launching a rocket against the gravitational force. You need to fight and fight. You need to sacrifice a lot. You need to leave your comfort zone.

  3. kerja kosong says:

    leaving my comfort zone? haih.. its really difficult to make it real. Need more gut and more gut..

  4. cyza says:

    It depends on how strong your point #1….

  5. botak says:

    keep it up bro..
    and try to make multiple source of income..
    but the most interesting part is when u have money making machine. u struggle to work on it only once. then u can leave it just like that without having to keep an eye every time on it..but the money keep increasing into your pocket!

  6. cyza says:

    Yep…you should do it too bro…

  7. mashita says:

    “Associate with those who have the same interest”

    i agree with this statement. 🙂

  8. cyza says:

    Haha…nice… 🙂

  9. Dila says:

    Point noted. and more associates equals to more network and equals to more opportunities! thanks for the 4 tips, cyza.. I’m gonna work on that ASAP!

  10. I love the way you’ve broken this down into a few key points. The biggest thing for me is knowing what you want. You have to identify your goal otherwise how do you know what to aim for. The other big thing is “success leaves clues” – follow other people who’ve achieved what you want to achieve, and do what they do. Better still, get a mentor.

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