Be strong, Be bold, Be tough

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There will be times that we have a lot of work, stress out, cooked under pressure, rushing to complete certain tasks and others. When that time comes, we need to really focus to complete and deliver our work. But sometimes, when you are doing more than one things (excluding hobby and my online blogging), all those tasks came at the exact same deadline and you need to execute all of them together. That’s when we need to list all the jobs and do it one after another. It’s like a checklist of jobs.

Sometimes, it is unavoidable. We started bringing that work home and hope that our family will understand and support us. Our boss keep on asking when we are going to give this and that. The pressure is mounting and you health slowly deteriorated.

I’m presently in that situation. I’m quite tense right now. I haven’t updated this blog and other of my blogs for quite a few days. This was mainly due to my job constrain, particularly my study. I have to write a book chapter about Hydrogen production from biomass. The subject is quite heavy and I need to read more about various hydrogen producing technology which are currently available. Among the technology of producing hydrogen are steam reforming, partial oxidation of methane, dry reforming, autothermal reforming and pyrolysis. There are other methods as well but we are focusing on biomass source which is deemed as renewable energy. Don’t understand anything? Don’t worry. It’s really none of your business. Just focus on your work and perform.

After the book chapter, I have another technical paper correction to make which is planned to be submitted to a reputable international journal. Yet, another technical writing which requires a lot of technical resources. The third one in the line waiting for me is my own engineering project paper which I need to present to my mentor. I’ve promised him to submit end June but it is now all delayed. I’ve got to complete the first two tasks before completing my project paper. Those 3 are the one currently bugging me the most. After that, there are still more but, I’ll take it one at a time. Relax… control the game…

Since I’m a little bit tense, I decided to write something in Cyza Sector on this peaceful Thursday morning, to ease some of my mental stress. Oh yes, everything is accumulated in my head. I just need to spill it out before i head to work. Blogging makes me relax a bit. My tasks won’t be over till I’m guessing next week. So, I still need to do some official job during my weekends.

I chatted with my wife and my head of department. Both of them told me I need to slow down and relax a bit. Don’t pressure my self… Take care of your health. I really appreciate those advice and I’m trying to low down the pace and rate of my work.


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12 Responses

  1. fawzan says:

    Sometimes chit chatting can do wonders..maybe new ideas!!

  2. cyza says:

    Yes, Fawzan, many things can happen from chit-chating…

    New ideas, new inspiration, new this and new that…

    Many things…

  3. azwan says:

    I have a schedule when it comes to my online biz. If not, it will be difficult to stay sane


  4. cyza says:

    I think i should learn from you bro… 🙂

  5. kerja kosong says:

    yeaaa.. i understand your feeling. Just prioritize the works load. You’ll be doing fine. Take some break also helpful.

  6. mashita says:

    yup. need to be strong.

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  8. You meet people where they are… and that sometimes means staying away from Christian verbage that screams inquisition to some Jews.

  9. cyza says:

    Thanks bro 🙂

  10. cyza says:

    Cheers MAshita… 😉

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  1. July 19, 2010

    […] really crazy!!! With all the loads I’m carrying now, I cannot do my online job comfortably.  I’m hectic and tight up with […]

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