Financially Independent Strong & Healthy (FISH) – Harvest the Mind

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I just attended a 2 days superb financial training which was held in my work place. The financial training is called FISH – Financially Independent Strong & Healthy, conducted by PM Dr. Ahmad Rahman Songip, a trainer/consultant from Harvest the Mind Sdn. Bhd.

The single most important reason cited by many studies on the causes of numerous family and personal problems is the inability to manage financial matters.  It seems that we are not at all prepared to face the reality of life in managing our financial matters. The reason is simply because financial literacy is never being taught in school and university education systems. We are not taught and trained on how to manage our financial matters and how to become rich and wealthy!

So how do we manage our financial matters? Mostly by simply following the way our parent or our peers did.   Then through several trials and errors, and surely more errors along the way, only then we may see the correct way of managing our financial matters. By then, it may be already too late for some of us.

Personal financial management is a long term planning effort.  The old saying, “Failing to plan is planning to fail” is the truth in financial management. Due to financial illiteracy, many going to be pensioners are still in the dark on their financial status and still need to work after their retirement age.

I must say that FISH has provided some foundation in practical financial literacy and the mechanics of financial planning and management so that I can attain the status of financial independence, at least by the time I reach the mandatory retirement age. If one follows the recipe offered in the training with the right mind-set, one could theoretically retire earlier and wealthier.

I highly recommend any of you regardless of your age or financial situation to attend this training. The next one will be held this October 2010. The fees of this training is RM2480. However, I’m currently negotiating with Dr. Ahmad to provide some discount to my blog readers. I’ll update the discount soon here.

What I can say about this  Financially Independent Strong & Healthy (FISH) training:

– Provided me better clearer understanding on financial management.

– Provided me to be clear tips on what I should do and should avoid in managing my financial matters.

– Showed me the best investment that all of us should do.

– Much-much more…

I love this course and everyone who attended liked it too. The trainer’s presentation was not only clear but also entertaining. I can relate with him because when he was at the same age as me, he realized that he was doing financially terrible and cannot save a dime.


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11 Responses

  1. kerja kosong says:

    it is true, we need to learn financial planning from beginning. There is always no late to learn. You’ll gain the benefit in the future. Please update the discount price later on :p

  2. cyza says:

    Ok sure. I will update the discounted price soon.

    By the way, it is very important to be financially literate. We thought we know but in real fact we have poor financial management.

  3. kerja kosong says:

    i agree with u, if we dont have sufficient knowledge about financial, even though we have really good salary, we dont know how to save it, then we’re doom.

  4. adamfaiz says:

    Err…how much again, the fees?

  5. cyza says:

    Yep, you are right. I learned many important definition and concepts, such as what are the differences between poor, rich and wealth.

    Well….and i learn hell of a lot more other things…

  6. cyza says:

    The fees is quite high I know… it’s RM2480.

    However, I was informed and negotiating about some discount for my blog readers plus also there is a possibility of installment payment (which spread for 12 months).

  7. botak says:

    1) the third pharagraph was elaborated in my post titled “teenagers spending”
    2) apasal mahal sgt fee utk seminar tu?
    3) nanti kita jumpa boleh la share
    4) ckp kat Dr.Ahmad kita pegi dalam 1group under lah..

  8. zik says:

    not yet to download… will download… teet teet..

  9. cyza says:

    1) True.

    2) The cost is due to the value and information one can benefit from it.

    3) No hal.

    4) InsyaAllah…

  10. cyza says:

    No prob…take your time.

  1. July 11, 2010

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