Mentors, they are important to me

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We are a human being that started from knowing nothing. We grow older and progressively learn many things along the years. When we are small, our main duty is to study, study and study. Nothing else. Yep, nothing else matter…

But then as we approach adulthood, we began exploring various other areas. We explore new interest, new hobbies, new this and new that. For certain things that we want to establish our expertise, we need somebody to guide, monitor and assist us. Those people, regardless of their field of expertise I regard as my precious mentor. They are like a catalyst, something and somebody that can speed the process of us getting to what we aim for. They will show us which path to take and which to avoid.

My mentors

As some of you know, I’m currently pursuing my Ph.D study in chemical engineering and I have a supervisor  (professor) to guide and maneuver me doing research work, writing technical papers and other research related issues. I also have a co-supervisor in Finland which I refer to once in a while.

At the same time, I am also in my quest to be a professional engineer and I have a mentor who is an experienced professional engineer to guide and help me be one. He works in KL (I work in JB) but that does not matter because I  will always meet him every quarterly to let him assess my performance and give advice. Currently he is in Uzbekistan, managing some civil project there. I will meet him when he is back here.

When I was working as a process engineer few years back, I have my senior executives as my mentor. They will share their experiences, knowledge and skills with me. Oh, I miss those days in the plant.

Besides my professional career mentioned above, I’m deeply and madly in love with the internet. I’m not really a fan of those social sites like Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin. I’m only using them to market my brand and communicate with my networks. I’m more towards blogging (part time blogger) and now slowly learning to try my luck selling some digital product online @ Internet Marketer (IM).

For those 2 co-curricular activities, I also have my own mentor to guide and help when I am in need of their advice. Those are people who have more knowledge and more skills than me. I have few person which I consider mentors when it comes to blogging. We are colleagues but at certain times, they are my blogging mentors.

At the same time, I have another IM mentor who is very kind enough to spend his precious time teaching and guiding me when I’m in need of him. His vast knowledge, experience and success in internet marketing inspires me to be a great IM. I’m making myself to be one. Oh God…please make my journey smooth…

When it comes to gold investment, I have 2 mentors, both who are my younger brothers. They have more comprehension and knowledge in gold related matters. They also have invested massively in gold.

When it comes to financial management and investments, I also have a mentor too. We never went through financial subjects or financial management in school nor university. The most we had is accounting and economics. Hence, it is important to have a financial mentor to help and guide us.

Am I a mentor to others?

Hmmm… I don’t really know how to answer that. There is no official mentorship going on accept for me mentoring my undergraduate student to do research closely related to mine.

I know some people, including my youngest brother, who maybe consider me as their mentor in blogging and internet marketing. Honestly, I don’t consider myself any sort of expert in blogging and Search Engine Optimization (SEO), but when somebody asks about it, I will definitely share. It’s my passion and I love discussing about it. In fact I don’t mind teaching and guiding those who are serious about blogging and SEO with zero charge. No problem at all.

I hope and wish that I’ll be a good mentor to my kids. I want to be a good father and example to them. That’s very important. Every body wants their kids to grow and be good and kind people, responsible and honourable, having good career and so on. We (me and my wife) also wanted that and we need to provide the best education and training for them. No matter how it cost, we will get the money to spend.

You are either a mentee or a mentor

Yes you are. If you are not either a mentee nor a mentor, I’m not sure where do you live and what you are.You might not be chasing for something.You might not have any interest in anything. You might not have a career you want to take care off. Maybe you are have not discovered your passion. Maybe you are not yet establish in what you are doing now.

It’s really something you need to think off.

Yep, think about it.


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26 Responses

  1. kerja kosong says:

    yes i agree with you. Mentors are important for us, especially if you want to gain fast knowledge.

  2. mashita says:

    agree. I still try to find out who will be the good one for my mentor..

  3. cyza says:

    Do you have any mentors?

  4. cyza says:

    What type of mentor?

  5. agree. I still try to come across out who will likely be the beneficial a single for my mentor..

  6. agree. I nevertheless try to discover out who will likely be the beneficial one particular for my mentor..

  7. agree. I even now try to uncover out who will probably be the great 1 for my mentor..

  8. agree. I nevertheless attempt to uncover out who will be the great one for my mentor..

  9. agree. I even now try to come across out who are going to be the beneficial one for my mentor..

  10. kerja kosong says:

    yes, i do have mentors. One of the example is my mentor when i was learning new programming language for my first job. He is really great mentor for me.

  11. cyza says:

    That’s good. I know you may also have mentor for your blog too… haha

  12. firdaus says:

    good sharing,

    i agree we should have mentor because what we really aspire is based on the earlier success by our mentor, meaning that the goal is not an impossible thing to achieve since our mentor have achieved that!!.

    my last blog’s post
    Where to store your medication

  13. cyza says:

    101% true.
    Let’s stick to our mentor in what ever niche… 🙂

  14. botak says:

    tunjuk ajarku sifu~!

  15. fawzan says:

    First comment here…Can you be my mentor?

  16. cyza says:

    What kind of mentor?

  17. cyza says:

    Memang tunjuk apa?

  18. azwan says:

    I don’t hv a mentor at the moment.

  19. cyza says:

    Maybe you are very good already.

    You know what, when I mention blogger for mentor, I really consider you as one of my mentor. I learn a lot from you and I love that.
    I can see the sincerity inside you and our synergy will form a legacy.

  20. azwan says:

    I think you help me a lot too. Glad that we can work as a team 🙂

  21. cyza says:


  22. london taxis says:

    My first mentor was Lisa Myers. I e-mailed her asking for SEO advice and she was very helpful. She even offered me a internship in London to learn more about SEO. That’s a good mentor in my book.

  23. I think you’re right. Having a mentor is so important, particularly if you are trying to achieve something that’s quite new to you, or you’re entering a new and different market. I’ve found it best to approach them direct and on a personal level and see if you can appeal to their benevolent side and get them to help you.

  24. Somewhere I even read an article enunciating that as TMC is not as organized as Left front ,the corruption would be less. But some says that if money is the question, they would organize themselves within flat 15 minutes.

  25. Yuda says:

    I’d recommend gttnieg to know all the Native students on your campus and at any conferences you attend. Why? Because it’s a small, small world and eventually many of these people will be your future colleagues in one way or another. If you all get to know each other while you’re young, then it will be easy and fun in the future to help one another out when you need help or advise on things that are not your area of expertise.

  1. July 22, 2010

    […] covered about this recently. This is as equally as important as point number 1, 2 and 3 above. To speed up a reaction (process) […]

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