I Hired a Virtual Assistant

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online-virtual-assistantIt’s really crazy!!! With all the loads I’m carrying now, I cannot do my online job comfortably.  I’m hectic and tight up with my studies and other official jobs. That’s when I started outsourcing. I have been outsourcing some of my online stuffs like writing articles, making backlinks, article and web directory submission, forum posting and others. Those were all on job/project basis. I pay those freelancers after they completed their work. I must say there are works that I’m satisfied and there are also those which after I checked, I’m pissed off. Most that I’m not satisfied were the web directory submissions. I’m expecting to improve my backlinks, but unfortunately it’s like paying somebody for nothing.

Well, that’s the end of web directory submission. I’m going to change my tactics.

On Saturday, I decided to get myself a virtual assistant (VA). The VA will assist me on most of my online marketing job. Those marketing jobs include writing articles, re-writing articles, submitting articles to article directories, creating videos, submitting videos, comment marketing and so on. The list does not stop there.

Sunday night (entering Monday morning), I got myself my new VA. He will work for me and do what ever I asked him to do, to help me with my blogging business. I’m really glad to have him on board helping me with my online jobs. He has done some work for me earlier and I can see that he works hard, willing to learn, listen to me, can work independently with minor supervision, responsible and honest. In return, I’ll pay him monthly salary via paypal. He will work for me part time, 4 hours a day.

Having somebody working for/with me like that is one of the most crucial online decision I’ve ever made. I’m basically leveraging some of my online work that I am not capable of taking care off due to my other loads. I’m aware that I don’t have that much capital, but I badly need a VA to help me. Having a VA will help me speed up my marketing and catalyzed my back-linking process.

I’m glad to finally employ a VA. I’m not sure what you guys are thinking now… but I would love to know your reaction and comment… 🙂


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19 Responses

  1. azwan says:

    haa….. seems like something that i cud use myself. Will be asking you for details later.

  2. cyza says:

    No problem mate. I’ll wait for you.

  3. Hairil Rizal says:

    Gee.. never thought that blogging would need assistants. But wait.. Paul Tan do have co-writers working for him for Paultan.org

    And that made his blog to produce 4-5 posts a day!

  4. cyza says:

    Haha…yes bro…that is very right. The only thing is that, I’m not really focusing on this blog. Cyza Sector is just a place for me to muse once in a while.

    Our niche blogs are the ones that help generates the dollars and dollars…not cents…

    We don’t have enough hands, so we asked for some people to help.
    Off course, they will be paid.

  5. mashita says:

    i guess, that was right decision.

  6. kerja kosong says:

    hmm interesting.. its a bold decision. May i know how much you pay your VA? How do you know that actually he work 4 hours / day for you?

  7. cyza says:


  8. cyza says:

    First, I don’t think it is wise to reveal his salary here in public. I prefer to keep it between us only.

    I gave him several assignments and estimate the how many minutes or hours he will take to complete those tasks.

    Are you interested as well?

    At some point…we need to leverage our work.

  9. Mind you, we still keep the place orderly, but there’s quality of life gained by not scrubbing toilets. I’d gladly sacrifice a few restaurant meals a month in order to pay for cleaners.

  10. london taxis says:

    I agree with Kosmo. Hiring a cleaning service is the first thing anyone considering outsourcing should do. I’d rather cook more meals and cut back on cable TV in order to afford a cleaning service.

  11. kerja kosong says:

    understand… yea.. i think im interested in this VA.
    I just wonder only whats the estimate cost that i need to hire this VA.

  12. naz says:

    actually it’s good decision, time is money & not al work we can do alone, always outsource, it save our time 🙂

  13. BIZZNURSE says:

    Salam Cyza
    I should have one too (cannot afford for one right now ;))
    Having an extra pair of hand would be great when we really need one! Like me for example, being busy as a full time housewife with 2 babies is time stealing! I can’t imagine how I will manage my blog while working next month (at the time being I am still in my confinement period – my newborn is only 2 weeks old).
    Hem…I think I would be needing just a VA, I’ll need a PA too! (physical assistant..huhu..)

  14. cyza says:

    Yeah….definitely right.

  15. cyza says:

    I think you should get:

    1) Maid
    2) Virtual assistant

    You need to get the money for that. Leveraging your online burden to a VA or Va’s will can boost up your marketing and perhaps supposedly increase your income. You need to plan a strategy.Then, don’t commit on paying monthly. Make weekly installment to pay your VA.

  16. Dila says:

    I’m not a blogger but I think someday I’ll have to hire someone for me to sub my freelance writing jobs to as well. business is great but I do feel like I need some assistance. More to a ‘drama queen nagging’. 🙂

  17. marketing jobs are also in high demand these days because i think the recession is over **

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  2. July 23, 2010

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