Put paper inside ears and get it out in the operation theater

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Note: I’m writing @ typing this blog post from a side of a bed in Johor Specialist Hospital, Johor Bahru.

As the title shows, that is what happen to my son. 3 weeks ago, Ikhwan played inserting small papers inside his left and right ears at school.

Last Friday, we went to the clinic as he complained about something stuck inside his left ear. It was found that some sort of wax has emerged inside his ears, possibly an infection due to his act of inserting paper inside his ear. The doctor vacuumed the left ear and the wax was successfully removed but with some struggle as Ikhwan cannot sit still at all. After the left ear is clear, the doctor checked the right ear which Ikhwan does not feel anything. Just pure checking…

The doctor found a tiny piece of paper inside his right ear.

To cut things short, today we met the doctor again to see the outcome – to check whether the paper is still there or dissolve. Well, guess what…. the paper is still there and not only the doctor, but me and my wife can see the paper using the tool (i don’t know what it is called) to look into the ear thing.

He asked us to immediately go to the Johor Specialist hospital and meet up with the E&T (ear and throat) Specialist, Dr. Ridzo. He said that Ikhwan need to be taken to the operation theater in order to remove that tiny piece of paper. Wow…. that bad…

Ikhwan was shaken to learn the news. He started crying, fearing the experience he will be facing soon.

Before we continued to register Ikhwan’s admission into the ward, we checked with our insurance agent about the payment procedure. This is very imperative as we have paid insurance consistently each and every month for the pass 5 years. We will be devastated if the insurance would not cover the cost of this minor treatment in the specialist hospital.

To cut long story short… Ikhwan was admitted to the day care ward and to standby to be called into the operation theater.

To be continued…


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20 Responses

  1. Hairil Rizal says:

    Astaga.. kids do the darndest things kan?
    Keep us posted ya Cyza..

  2. cyza says:

    Haha… Sabor je lah….
    I’ll get some photos uploaded soon.

  3. budeen says:

    sabo jelah budak ikhwan ni… but creative!!

  4. kerja kosong says:

    hope everything gonna be alright… keep it posted …

  5. cyza says:

    Haha…creative…cool tu… 🙂

  6. fawzan says:

    Poor Ikhwan, kids are like that..my son’s once choked on a sticker he swallowed..he was 1+ then..luckily the babysitter didn’t panic and managed to get it out..he already started turning blue..

    So as a reminder for the rest..don’t let you kids play with sticker, although they like it..a safety pre caution

  7. It was found that some sort of wax has emerged inside his ears, possibly an infection due to his act of inserting paper inside his ear.

  8. noriz says:

    pity Ikhwan…..biasalah boys mmg nakal sket tapi itu menunjukkan dia kreatif… tak tau duk diam 🙂

    pls update us k.

    p/s: nak tanya sket…why u choose tadika Ijazah instead of byk lagi tadika kat skudai/pulai ni? sorry, i need to clarify few things coz pening duk pikir mana nak daftar anak next year. TQ

  9. cyza says:

    I’ll upload some photos tonight.

    Are you from Skudai area?


    Both me and my wife felt that Tadika Ijazah is good in helping our kids to learn the basics before entering primary school. It’s in English medium and the head teacher focuses on the study and result. No convocation for the kids but outdoor activity 1 time a year.

    The fees are affordable for us as at 1 time we have 2 kids there. If we send our kids to NURI, it will burden us a lot financially. It won’t matter if we send only 1 kid to Nuri at one time. Nuri is quite expansive.

    My daughter, Marsya can now read and have her own gmail / blog at her age of 6.

    Alya, 5, is catching up.

  10. noriz says:

    Sorry to disturb u masa dlm wad ni….

    yup..i agree Nuri quite xpansive apalagi 2 kids at one time (:
    Ijazah tu ada penekanan hal agama tak…i mean…sediakan Iqra, Jawi etc….
    What about tadika Iman….u ada uat survey tak?

    If possible, i nak tadika that provide syllabus equally between malay, english, islamic and math as well.

  11. cyza says:

    Haha… I’m not in the ward. Ikhwan is OK. He is at school.

    Ada juga depa ajar. Iqra’ ada tapi I don’t recommend you to take Iqra’ option. Better pegi ke Tmn Pulai Perdana yang ada ajar ngaji tu, tak ingat pulak nama dia sekarang…Jamiah apa ntah… Itu bagus, my son dari tak reti Iqra masa darjah 1, la ni dah kira ok lah…boleh baca dengan lancar.

    So, we are thinking of sending our daughters to that same place for ngaji only.

    Tadika Iman dengar macam ok juga, but I don’t have experience lah. So, takleh nak bagi komen. Maybe English ada tapi bukan English medium.

    Tadika Ijazah, memang conversation is in English. So, the kids are exposed and trained.

    Takpe..nanti I tanya my wife…maybe dia boleh bagi input lebih baik….

  12. noriz says:

    ooo…so dah kuar ward ek…..heheheh…misinformation lak
    so how’s ikhwan now….serik tak?
    u dpt tak claim insuran @ guna medical kad?

    kelas Iqra yg u mention tu….jamiah….if i’m not mistaken adalah Tadika Didik al-insan kan…
    dia pun ada provide full class kindergarden….napa u tak anta sana ek….sorry, bukan apa….i need to know pro/kon & kelebihan/kekurangan.

    Thanks for the input

  13. cyza says:

    Yep, dah kuar wad.

    Ikhwan ok…mesti lah dia serik…hehe..

    Pasal jamiah tu…kita orang baru tau awal tahun ni…
    tapi tak plan nak hantar full session kat sana…

    We liked Ijazah because of the result they produce for us and the english medium…we like Jamiah because depa produce result bila mengajar anak ngaji dan jawi…

    Tu je….

    Kira integratelah…

  14. noriz says:

    thanks a lot zaki….very helpful information.
    so i made up my mind…..my hubby & i sepakat dah mana nak antar my son next year.

    we’ve been asking and seeking ramai org dah…..mcm2 feedback dpt…so finally we got the answer….hehhehhe….baru antar kindergarden dah kecoh ek 😉

    thanks again & i really enjoy ur blog. keep posting & keep up d good work. kem salam kat Dr.Mazura k

  15. adamfaiz says:

    Macamana dengan Ikhwan, dah ok?

  16. cyza says:

    Dah ok dah…naughty balik ada lah…

  17. cyza says:

    ok…you are welcome…but you guys kena tau that you need to start registering your kid for standard 1 masa dia umur 5 tahun. Kalau tak, takut tak sempat pulak…

  18. samdaddycool says:

    hehehee.. memang creative..

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