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kotarayaWithout doubt blogging has emerged as a very powerful tool for people not only to express themselves but also to make money online. Many of them started blogging without realizing the enormous potential that can be achieved financially. I’ve started blogging since the 3rd quarter of  2006 and honestly I just blog to share and ramble about my chemical engineering knowledge.

Day after day, my blog gained popularity and enjoyed spicy organic traffic from uncle Google. Soon, I discovered the opportunity of making money via blogging, which at that time was an alien to me. Since that moment, I never turn back. I keep learning and exploring more creative and innovative ways of making money through blogging. Though I don’t make hell a lot of cash via blogging, but hey…I still earn more than double what I’m paying my maid. That’s when I wrote a short Malay report called “Teknik RM1000 sebulan” which was released end 2009.

I then explored and find other ways on how I can increase my blog earning. That’s when I attended Smart Blogging Seminar conducted by problogger Rohaizad. In that seminar, I learned new ways of making money officially and in-officially from niche blogs. Shortly after that seminar, within less than a month, I managed to cover back the fee that
I paid to attend to that seminar which was RM400. I basically applied the technique and knowledge I obtained from the seminar.

8 months after that, to be exact, yesterday, I start thinking… What is my blogging direction?

I have about 3 dozens of blogs but my income is not beyond 3k yet!!! I need to do something. I need to change my blogging approach. I re-visited 2 blogs which once I occasionally visited while I was not tight up with experiments and re-search, and I carefully analyze their blogs. I checked the advertisement section and
do some fast calculation. Hey…this guy is earning more than $40k per month just from a blog called while the other guy is earning more than $4.5k per month just from his blog If you are like me, dwelling in Malaysia, just do the maths. This Hong Kiat guy is earning more than RM12k per month, almost as equal to a professor’s salary in a public university. Just imagine how much John Chow is earning in Ringgit Malaysia? Multiply $40k with 3.14 = ……….. ?

So, I need to strategize. Should I split and divide my time to entertain 30+ niche blogs that I presently own and earn quite less OR focus on a minimum of 3 blogs ONLY and try to earn >$3k  per month? That’s more than RM10k per month!!!

It’s not really a huge decision, but still I need to make a decision, especially in this moment where I’m tied up with my research study.

So, what about you? If you are an expert, amateur or beginner blogger, you can also look at this angle. If you are problogger (chances are NO problogger will be reading my blog), you have nothing to think from this plain entry of mine because you’ve earn substantially handsome from your blogging or online property.

If you are a beginner and would like to have my opinion, then read the tips below:

  1. Build a blog using your own domain and host the blog somewhere reliable.
  2. Don’t use the free or
  3. Focus on creating yummy unique useful content everyday. It’s only one blog, so spend at least 30 minutes a day on your baby blog.
  4. Build credibility and trust from your readers.
  5. Focus on backlink as well, do lots of blog commenting.

What will happen then?

Your blog will grow bigger and more people will be following your blog.

That will be the time where you can start your own advertising space. Hmmm… What do you think of that?

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27 Responses

  1. rohaizad says:

    Hoho.. thanks for the mention bro. Sometimes less is more and if u can concentrate on one blog, then you should. But make sure your other blogs still contribute as well.

    It’s like 70-30 ratio.

  2. cyza says:

    Wah…very fast reply bro…

    Belum sempat upload gambar…anyway…it was you who advised me about it before…betul tak?

  3. titan says:

    yap. itu yang aku sedang lakukan. Takdelah banyak macam John Chow tu. Tapi dah kira bagus selagi aku mampu senyum hari-hari.. 🙂

  4. rohaizad says:

    Heh heh… well I still believe you can do it. It’s just a matter of time.

  5. cyza says:

    InsyaAllah bro…

    By the way, when are you going to organize iftar?

  6. cyza says:

    Yep…you are definitely right Titan…hehe.. infact now we can already smile everyday looking at TNX… 😉

  7. firdaush says:


    nice article,i think it is good advice for who just started to have a blog with their own domain. really even though, i have one blog with domain and a few with free blogspot, hardly to maintain (all need to do from A-Z) especially to write a fresh article.

  8. cyza says:

    So, let’s just focus on just 1 or 2, and make it really spectacular!!! Really good quality blog.

    That’s better than having 10 or 20 or 30 blogs.

  9. firdaush says:

    for me now as a family guy, working guy and a part-time blogger, time is really limited!. Definitely focus on 1 or 2 blog is good enough for me to gain a knowledge about blogging!.

  10. cyza says:

    Yep…we are just the same. Having both career and family. We are not superman nor do we have a lot of workers or virtual assistant. So, let’s do what we are able to do and focus on 1 or 2 blogs only. At the end I strongly believe both of us will make it.

  11. botak says:

    itu gambar city square or skudai parade??
    hehe mcm selalu pegi je tempat tu

  12. cyza says:

    Tu gambar Plaza Kotaraya, Johor Bahru lah…

  13. botak says:

    oooh patut la mcm kenal je..
    mall2 dekat jb design nya semua mcm lebih kurang sama laa.
    xde yg unik..
    kip mart la kot yg paling menarik~

  14. cyza says:


    Ok lah tu…

    Tuah apa citer wooo…?

  15. titan says:

    Hoho..sehari tak tengok akaun tnx dalam tu. Rasa gelisah semacam aje..

  16. cyza says:

    Dulu aku selalu tgk TNX, tapi la ni macma tak sempat…so, sekali sekala je tgk….tapi selalu masyuk lah…

  17. kerja kosong says:

    yeaa.. niche is the important thing. I can not imagine how u could handle your 3 dozens blogs..
    Maybe you need to be more focus on 5 of it and gather more traffic. For sure it will give me great side income.

  18. cyza says:

    Yep…that’s why… Now I’m going to focus on just 3. So, I’m going to let go the other 30 blogs that I owned.

  19. kerja kosong says:

    Do you thing that you can give to me the rest of your blogs :p
    Just curious..

  20. cyza says:

    Haha…sorry bro… When I say I’ll focus on 3 blogs, that does not mean I’ll give away the others to anybody. I’ll still keep them but the focus and mainly outsource posting, marketing and backlink jobs.

    The 3 blogs will be mainly priority which I’ll work on myself.

    Again…sorry… hehe

  21. botak says:

    oh i just started to realize that i missed my blogs so much because i have left them for about more than a month ad its not being updated regularly.its all about time management to do this stuff, and i’m pretty sure that the starting point is the hardest point on the way to succeed. hehe

  22. cyza says:

    Tau takpe!!! 🙂

  23. farahaznil says:

    cakap pasai blog…alamak/…suda lama tinggal maaaaa…huhuhuhuhuhuhu..dulu ada aim…sikalang suda lupa..haiyaaaa

  24. cyza says:

    Hei.. FArah…what are you doing now? Study lagi ka? Or business?

  25. samdaddycool says:

    jelenya dengar korang borak pasal tnx.. nampak gaya mmg aku kena transfer blogspot ke wordpress

  26. samdaddycool says:

    farah target abiskan study, pastu kawen.. 😀

  27. Jomtonton says:

    Up balik topik ni.. tu IM jutawan yang hebat..
    Macam Irfan Khairi.. perghh

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