Join my EPL Fantasy Football League

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To all footballers enthusiast, especially EPL fans….In conjunction with the new EPL season 2010/2011 starting this weekend, I would like to invite all interested to join my fantasy football league.

Just long on to create your super powerful dream team and join the league! I’ve created a new classic league called LigaPowerRanger1011.

If you fancy beating my team, what are you waiting for, register yourself in the Fantasy Football Premier league which does not require any cost and key in the code below…

The code you need to join the league is : 1162943-246809

I have selected 15 players and I strongly believe I have the best team selection for a budget of only 100 million pounds. I have players from Manchester United, Chealsea, Arsenal, Liverpool, Manchester City and ….

Can you defeat me? I don’t think so…haha…

Good Luck!

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12 Responses

  1. kerja kosong says:

    santai sejenak bro..

  2. cyza says:

    Join aaaa…

  3. Hairil Rizal says:

    Ko main benda ni ye? Hehe..
    Aku tk pernah try pon…

  4. nuaeman says:

    Ooo.. fantasy football. Aku pernah main espn fantasy football dan jadi top 5 ketika andy sanders umumkan dekat football crazy. Walaumacamanapun tak dapat hadiah sebab dia bagi hadiah sampai no 3 sahaja. Teman sekerja aku dapat tempat ke 3 hadiahnya hp nokia.

  5. cyza says:

    Try lah mate…get the feel… 😉

  6. cyza says:

    Wow…really interesting. Let’s play lah Amat…syiok…

  7. cyza says:

    Haha…then we can fight with each other….

  8. botak says:

    haha I don’t have much time for playing this kind of game.i have many other things to do and i currently struggle achieving my goals. damn life is so hard nowadays~

  9. cyza says:

    The reason life is so hard is because you made it hard. You set your goals too high. That can be good or bad depending on the result. It’s a paradoxical decision and emotion.

  10. kerja kosong says:

    really wise word.. maybe need to slowdown a bit and relax, just let it flow:D

  11. gin says:

    join mine..
    head to head.. starting game week 6!


    come join me~

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