Miscellaneous musing on a Thursday afternoon

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This very afternoon, I felt very exhausted. Exhausted for running few experiments and thinking of many things. Breaking fast will be in 1 hour time and you and me, we are looking forward for this.

I  don’t have any specific story to share. I’ll just mixed them all together in 1 nice blog post.

Running experiments

I have been running experiments since last week. Actually I have just started running those experiment to get olefin from glycerol. However, until now, I have not yet obtain any trace of olefin gas. I’m not sure about the liquid olefin because I have not yet analyzed the liquid product. I don’t understand something. Yesterday and last Friday while running the experiment, a very bad odour, believed to be some oxygenate or VOC appeared forcing me to wear a special mask to protect my breathing quality. However, today, no such smell was produced!!! Funny but full of mystery. Well, the exploration will continue tomorrow for my quest to make renewable olefin. If in any extend you don’t understand anything in this paragraph, don’t worry. Just pretend you understand…haha…


This year, I see something good. All of us, we went for the Terawikh prayer in the surau in front of our house. My daughters, Marsya and Alya, only had the opportunity to join their mother to perform Sunat Terawih two nights ago and I can see they love it. Ikhwan… hmmmm… he has been joining me since the first Terawih without missing one night. However, I can’t really see him praying because I prayed in front of the saff (line). I just hope he prayed properly on the rear row, or specially known as “kids row”. Before and after prayer, Ikhwan will cycle. We go out together from the house gate, then he disappears. Then after Terawih, as I reached the house gate, he will be there. He has been spying my movement.

Break Fasting

This is the joyous moment of the day, no doubt of it. Fantastically, my wife who is a career woman who just obtained her doctorate degree head straight to the kitchen. She will cook the heavy meal everyday without fail with the assistance of our imported maid. Tonight, we have requested to eat hot delicious chicken porridge, the same as yesterday’s. Despite of the low fire on our cooker, I believe she will manage to prepare the long awaited meal by the family. Once in a while, our nice neighbour will call and give us some of their prepared dish. That’s extremely nice of them and we really appreciate that so much.

Less or no time for my online adventure

This month, or possibly the coming month too, I may see my time allocated for my blogging and IM minimized. This is as a result of my load as a Ph.D student. I’m now in my 3rd semester and I have completed setting up my experimental rig. It’s time for producing results. During and after getting the results, I’ll write and publish some technical papers. After that, I will be developing the reaction kinetics, mechanism and create a process simulation of my work. Hmm… I believe that will definitely consume most of my time. I’ll try my best to manage my time and at least spare some time for my online business.

OK…enough of that… There are 30 more minutes before we can break fast. My kids are at the playground and my wife is now preparing some tasty sandwiches….yummy… OK, I want to take a break and watch our 29 inch bulb tube (not LCD or flat screen TV). Wanna watch this Indonesian sinetron…

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14 Responses

  1. Hairil Rizal says:

    Great to read that you’ve managed to divide your time well for everything.

    Quite sure that your wife and kids love you so much for all the love and care given!

  2. cyza says:


    Thanks dude… InsyaAllah…we love each other…

    I believe your family love you too…betul tak…?

  3. kerja kosong says:

    yea.. it sound like you really schedule and prioritized your tasks well.

  4. cyza says:

    Hah…Is that so?

    I hope so…hehe

  5. fawzan says:

    May you have a blessed Ramadhan with ur family

  6. cyza says:

    Thanks a lot…you too…

  7. Hairil Rizal says:

    Betul tu bro.. Alhamdulillah!

  8. noriz says:

    huwaaa…miss ur blog, miss ur writing. bz maaa 🙁

  9. cyza says:

    Rilex… just subscribe by email and you will get my updates whenever I make a blogpost.

  10. titan says:

    tak lama lagi habis la phd nih. Hehe..

  11. very nice blog you have shared with each guys.

  12. yaa Allah, i want to share with you !

  13. I see something good for world momdon.

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