Our Interests versus your interest…

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It is important to have something that we like to do in our lives. That something must be special and when you do it, you will be very happy. No matter whether you are sleepy or exhausted, you are still excited and fired up to do it.

I would like to share my interests. I will always try to spare or adjust my time to do those things. Oh yea..I will also share my family members interest too… Check it out:

Me (My interest and favourite):

  1. Blogging- managing my blogs.
  2. Learning and enhancing my affiliate marketing skills.
  3. Watching movie (at movie or at home) especially Indonesian movies…
  4. Playing football or futsal. Or simply do any sport activities to sweat myself.
  5. Playing with my kids. Sometimes teasing them till they cry…haha…
  6. Watch Desperate Housewife.
  7. Watch EPL especially Manchester United live game.
  8. Play Football Fantasy.
  9. Travel / outing.

My wife’s interest:

  1. Reading English novels. Her favourite is Sidney Sheldon.
  2. Home decor.
  3. Watching movie (same like my point #3).
  4. Watch American Idol, American Next Top Model and Jangan Lupa Lirik, Desperate Housewife.
  5. Travel / outing.
  6. Read Beautifulnara and Facebook.

Ikhwan’s interest:

  1. Drawing.
  2. Cycling his bike in high velocity (high MPH).
  3. Watch cartoon channel: 611, 612, 613.
  4. Play at the play ground.
  5. Play games, internet games, any games…as long as it is games. He can be a game expert.

Marsya’s interest:

  1. Complete her homework as fast as possible.
  2. Reading.
  3. Play at the play ground.
  4. Hug and cuddle with mummy and daddy.
  5. Nenen.
  6. Cry (merengek) + sulking.

Alya’s interest:

  1. Watch cartoon channel: 611, 612, 613.
  2. Play at the play ground.
  3. Play baby doll.
  4. Nenen.

Are they interesting? hehe…How about you. I hope you can share some of your interest…

p/s: The photo shows my wife releasing her tension and stress after completing her Ph.D.

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21 thoughts on “Our Interests versus your interest…”

  1. Cyza,

    1. I don’t know u like Indonesian movies??
    2. Teasing your children till they cry? Sooo typical of you.. you did similar things when you studied with me before, but at least not to the extent of making people cry lah.

    For me, I think that I like to travel by driving nowadays. Leisure driving mind you.. not bussiness trip or the likes.

    Blogging is of course the other…

  2. Their Warlord,

    1. I always love Indonesian movies… You better check out some of the recent ones released…very good, touching and brilliant story line.

    2. Eh…is it that typical of me? I accept your comment. Sorry if I did that to you before bro…just kidding… main-main je… With my kids…I just do light teasing…hehhe

    3. Yeah…I agree with you…travel memang cool dan best… Sometimes business trip can be custom made to be personal trip…hehe….

    4. Blogging is simply irresistible for me.

  3. so sweet~
    and my interest would be something like gaining a lot more knowledge that school or universities doesn’t provide..
    is it sound interesting to you?

  4. haha.. yesterday I found another indonesian movie but still thinking either to buy it or not.. the title is ‘Taubat’.. need to google the review first..

  5. Bro..no need to review…just buy it. Then borrow me the DVD…haha…or buy it for me and I pay you. Choose either one.

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