Our Raya Prep Talk

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Gosh… This was indeed a very exhaustive and long weekend for all of us. We prepared all out for the coming festive raya season. I relaxed myself from the intriguing research mystery (Ph.D) that I’m currently indulged. I supported my wife in all the preparation that she had planned. The plan not only involve the attires, dresses, cakes, kuih raya and kerepek, but also re-conditioning our furnitures, sofas, decorative flowers, curtains , lights and others. My wife went all out to sew all the cushions for the sofas, dining table chairs and curtains.

Not only that we prepared for that, we also need to get something for my folks and my wife’s folks. In addition of that, since my in-laws are going for Hajj this coming October, we shopped for some of their necessities such as the luggage bags and others.

1. Raya Cookies (Kuih Raya)

We purchased all of them from various parties. The exact amount is uncountable, or I think the exact phrase is cannot be tracked anymore…

2. Crakers (Kerepek)

This is a must. As usual, we do our major kerepek shopping in Simpang Renggam last Friday afternoon. Each year we will buy kerepek for our own house, my parents and my in-laws. In total, we spent more than RM250 on various types of kerepek.

3, 4, 5, 6, 7 ………Maybe I should not point out everything that we spent

It’s simply too much. The amount of RM departing from us is quite substantial…haha…

In addition to the Raya related expenditures, I also generously paid for the regular (minor) service of my Proton White Exora. It should have been only RM250 only. However, at the end, I end up paying about RM760++ (well not as much as what warloard is paying for servicing his car). This was mainly due to the disc brakes of the front wheel of the Exora. After more than 40,000 km, the disc brakes showed some sign of crack. The disappointing part is that the spare part for the disc brakes for Proton Exora is bloody expansive. It cost RM500.80. That’s very very crazy prize just for 2 pairs of disc brakes. Just imagine, the disk brake for Proton Waja only cost RM80 and that is about RM420 cheaper than the one I paid for my car. Well what to do!!! Some of this people are very manipulative and opportunist, taking advantage to sell this spare part at such an illogical price.

To stay online during the Raya break

We have been hunting for a USB broadband to stay connected while we are away during Raya. I’ve surveyed¬† some broadbands in Mudah.my. I tried contacted some of them with the intention to purchase it. Luckily those that I contacted cannot be reached. The following day, I had iftar at my parent’s place and I asked my brother about the broadband. He have an extra which he is no longer using. He gave me his Vodafone broadband. Fuh…. Glad, we do not spend a dime to get a new broadband. Thanks Arif….

Just now we just purchased a new Celcom simcard specially for the broadband. That will make us connected for the week while we are away.


We spent a lot for this Raya!!! I’m not sure whether I want to count or not. This is not counting the new 40″ Plasma TV that my wife and kids want to buy. Oh God…

Subsequent conclusion

Need to have multiple source of income to realize all this.

Ok Cyza…that’s enough… you need to sleep. It is already 2.12 am and tomorrow you need to go to work. Ops… study…

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8 Responses

  1. Tun says:

    I like d conclusion…:)
    need 2 share d cost ma…

  2. fawzan says:

    I’m on the opposite..minimizing costs in any possible way…

  3. cyza says:

    Yep Tun… the cost is shared… Thank God, both of us have multiple source of income. Not much, but it is something that can make us live better.

  4. cyza says:

    Bro…for all previous raya preparation, we have been in the cost minimization level or in our language…strategy bertahan….hehe…

    But, this year, after 9 years, there are many things that need to be changed.

    So, we did it.

  5. kerja kosong says:

    conclusion? We always spend a lot during raya..:D

  6. titan says:

    tahun ni, belanja tak berapa banyak sangat. Kira bersederhana sikit.

  7. Hairil Rizal says:

    Sorry bro.. ter tak perasan u put a new entry already..

    1) If u have to change that disc brake, just change it. Glad u did it. Benda penting tu.. safety first ok! Btw. disc brake tu mmg mahal tapi my car punya lagi mahal dari tu. I kena RM700 for a pair of the front disc brakes sometime this year.

    2) Belanja lebih sket takpe asal puas hati, tak membazir dan di dalam kemampuan!

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