Post Raya Short Story

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Gosh…It has been so long since I wrote a blog post in Cyza Sector. We have I been?

Well, I’m still here. Maybe it was because of the Raya mood which has conquered the feeling, mood and emotion. I have started working one a nice Friday, 1 week after Hari Raya. The festive momentum is still there but accumulating work load is patiently waiting for me in the office and laboratory.

Celebration with my family

I returned back to Johor Bahru from Kuantan on the 3rd Raya (Sunday) and stayed with my folks until Wednesday before settling down at our own home sweet home. Raya with my family is simple but happening. All were there accept my little sister who spent few days in London and Nottingham, UK.


The sad thing about celebrating raya in Johor Bahru is we don’t have any relatives at all. So, the next day (Monday) all of us gathered, we visited some of our closest family friends. Those were among the people that we grew older together. Those are my father’s and my mother’s colleagues. I was a friend with their kids as well and we witness each others progress in life. We now have our own kids. We played together when we were small and now after 10 to 20 years, we meet up again and share the old sweet memories…haha…


Celebration with JB bloggers

Excitingly, this year is the first year I celebrated Raya with other bloggers + their families. Since we are quite close with each other, thanks to the special online blogging web 2.0 bond (almost as strong like the covalent bond, not James Bond), we took the opportunity to visit whomever we can. The first blogger that me and my family visited was Nuaeman and family. It was my first time visiting him at his inlaw’s house. I felt sad and pity that his older sister had just passed away. Then he made a return visit.

A few days after that, last Saturday, we visited Rohaizad. Initially I thought, Boss and Zamrin will be coming too, however due to some unavoidable circumstances, they could not come. So, it was just me and my family at Rohaizad’s house. After that, we visited Boy Bersahaje… at his huge mansion. It’s good to see how great Boy’s family is doing with their business.

Not to waste any time and to avoid difficulty to find other opportunities, I invited all of them to my house. So, within few minutes, Rohaizad, Boy Bersahaje, Boss and Zamrin were gathering in my house….hehe…this was the first time a bunch of successful bloggers came to my place. Of course, the atmosphere is so exciting, especially with the loud vocal of our ProBlogger Sifu, Ijad lah…who else…

Back to work

This is one of the most toughest moment. It was not easy but it is something that everybody need to do. Yes…now I’m back at work and to be honest, I’m sleepy now. I hope this Post Raya Short Story entry will get back by motivation to continue work and blogging…

What about you?

Any story?

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17 Responses

  1. kerja kosong says:

    glad to see you blogging again.. its been long time ..
    Really nice can gather with family and old friends again..:)

  2. Hairil Rizal says:

    Want to know about my Raya story?
    I summarized them in my own hand drawn pictures. Has not been doing that in ages. The last time I did that in public was for the Knight Magazine publication.. together with you and Kerel.

    Where is Kerel anyway?

  3. cyza says:

    Haha…It’s quite tough to start the momentum going…but luckily I managed to make a simple post…

    Yep…it was really nice gathering with family and friends…

  4. cyza says:

    Haha…ya ya.. I remembered….What a very long time…

    Wow…you are really an active blogger…you continuously blog and blog even though many other bloggers halted for a while. That’s really a commitment… The company you are working is really lucky to have a very diligent person like you serving them…

    Bro… I highly suggest you to get your own domain and hosting and blog. Bring your blog to a higher level.

    Kerel…hmmm…not sure lah

  5. itisrajah says:

    enough raya.
    back to work, cyza.
    happy working!

  6. cyza says:

    Haha…ye ye…enough raya…
    And back to my wonderful work…
    You too…
    Duit raya how? Banyak?

  7. botak says:

    blogging + ebaying = pening
    sikit lagi main affiliate pulak..
    go botak go!

  8. cyza says:

    Yeah… go botak go…

  9. itisrajah says:

    why asked about duit raya?
    nak bagi eh?
    but i got quite a lot!
    it was like a big bonanza jugaklah sebab i’m getting older sebenarnya.
    but still haven’t got any from you.

  10. nuaeman says:

    lepas ni botak boleh coaching kita pasal ebay lah ya.. ­čÖé

  11. adamfaiz says:

    Botak buat ebay plak?..Perghh..aku dah try dulu..tapi belum ade..produk yang betul2 boleh selling lagi…ade tips ke botak?

  12. Sometime in the future ,a reporter goes to a wild place.He finds that it is populated by a tribe of small and weak creatures, barely recognisable as humans.They live underground. thanks..

  13. wine online says:

    im writing a story about a mentally challenged man with a great family but i don’t where to mail it off to i need somewhere that will pay me but also something i could do daily please send me an email or answer this question if you have any suggestions to thank you!

  14. Marquee Hire says:

    Want shortstory to direct shortfilm… can yu tellll…?

  15. Dimensions says:

    This is a school project, I am having troubles finding good stuff. After that I have to write how it connects to the novel and to the character.

  16. Clip Frames says:

    Is ‘At Home’ shortstory of icse X anthology of short stories importatnt?

  17. I have at least 2 hours of homework and on most nights, thats typical. So yeah…

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