Visit and lending some helping hand to the poorest people

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Last Saturday afternoon, we had the opportunity to visit 5 unfortunate families which are categories as among the poorest in Gelang Patah area, or possibly in Johor Bahru too. They earn less than RM400 per month and they survive with only that amount of money. Thanks to our friend, Maizon who also is our insurance agent, whom invited us to participate in this honorable activity. It was an annual activity organized by her insurance agency.

Following are just some of the selected photos that I have chosen within my limited time while doing my experiments and thinking about my research.


This was taken before we visited the house. There were all together 3 cars and 1 MPV. Off course the MPV is my white Proton Exora. My White Proton Exora was loaded with supplies for 2 families.


Those are the supplies mentioned earlier. Besides food stuffs, there are also clothes which were donated which was put in my MPV after I took this photo.


One of the house that we visited has this. Under the house is actually river of Gelang Patah (not sure what river). Actually all of the houses that we visited are not in good condition.


The 3rd house visited by us. This family has 2 children who are not physically healthy and a wife who is not mentally healthy too.


That’s me in action, off course, carrying 2 packed of 10kg rice.


The roof condition of the 3rd house. Well, that was in short our pictorial experience on our recent Saturday afternoon activity. To be continued soon…

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19 Responses

  1. titan says:

    emm. wahh..bagus ni. Dulu masa kat sabah, pernah gak ikut program2 sebegini.

  2. cyza says:

    Haha… need to do more of this activity…
    Help those in need, not just materialistically but also knowledge and spiritual.

  3. botak says:

    knowledge and spiritual..
    we give them fish, they can eat for one day..
    we teach them catch fish, they can eat for the rest of their life

  4. cyza says:

    Wah…botak is indeed very genius. He can figure that out…hoho!!!
    Well done bro… 😉

  5. Hairil Rizal says:

    Food for them, spiritual and mental food for us…

    May the Rahmat of Allah be upon you bro!

  6. cyza says:

    That’s right bro…

    But you know what…they are very naive in everything. They are poor, lack of confidence, no fighting spirit, some of them maybe not practicing the precious religion.

    There are parties/people who helped them in terms of entrepreneurial training and activities associated with it. Some even gave them sewing machine, but they cannot make full use of it.

    We need to think of some way to educate and train them so they can stand and survive comfortably. Not sure yet how…but need to help to think for them…

  7. kerja kosong says:

    yeaa this kind of activity must be regularly do it.. its good for our spiritual and knowledge.

  8. kerja kosong says:

    I guess that the hard part.. to educate them. But it will give us satisfication once we did it.

  9. cyza says:

    Yes…So, maybe after this, more people will do this kind of activities…

  10. cyza says:

    Yes… It’s not easy…but it is something that need to be done… we need to help them stand up on their own and not being spoon fed all the time.

  11. fawzan says:

    Good deeds go along way..

  12. cyza says:

    Yep…correct correct correct…

  13. azwan says:

    bagus jugak sekali sekala buat kerja amal macam ni. ia menyedarkan kita bahawa kita ni sugguh bertuah berbanding dgn orang lain.

  14. cyza says:

    Yeye…that’s why…We need to make this an annual event…

  15. sunglasses says:

    like denai hati motto ” hidup untuk memberi”

  16. i am searching lend some help for poorest people while that lost your home

  17. bujang3 says:

    bagus aktiviti nie…

    oh yer !!! Hari tu aku pinjam gambar Exora ko tu…. maaf…tak minta izin dulu..tapi aku credit kat ko….

    Cantik, Exora tu… setakat ko ner.. best tak….. ruang tempat barang tu nampak luas la, bila seat diturunkan !!!!

  18. wine online says:

    Do u like to serve the poorest people in ur country? and are u try to improve the position of the poor people?

  19. Marquee Hire says:

    It is not understood as to why in some countries people ar erich and in some countries people are mostly poor?

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