Busy Schedule…

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I’m anticipating that the final quarter of 2010 will be a very hectic series of months for me + family. This has been proven by the lack of posts I’ve written in here. The trend will continue until roughly about mid January. The same goes to my other blogs.

I hate to say that I’m busy @ tight @ hectic… but that is the reality… Sorry for my rambling…

Why is that so?

I’ve got more works to do and we’ll be traveling more. Following are some of the programs that I can recall while writing this blog post.

October 2010

I’ll be officially attending 3 trainings (each 2 days) in October in Petaling Jaya, Selangor. These are the trainings which are compulsory for me to attend in my quest to be a professional engineer. I’ve attended the first one 10 days ago and I have 2 more to attend.

Last week, me and my family went to KL to sent my in-laws for Haji (pilgrim).

Ikhwan, Marsya and Alya outing to Zoo in Kuala Lumpur with their kindergarten.

November 2010

IGCESH2010 conference. I need to contribute my time and energy for this as I’m one of the committee member.

A  good friend from past will be coming down to visit me in JB.

We’ll be going to Bandung, Indonesia attending my cousin’s wedding (6 days).

After that, we’ll go to Kuantan to visit my in-law which is expected to return after Haji.

Somewhere in November, I’m expecting to meet up with my mentor too. Not confirmed yet.

December 2010

Going to Kota Bharu, Kelantan to help fetching my sister in law from her boarding school. She will be dropped to Kuantan before we straight travel to Penang as my wife will be attending 2 conferences.

Preparation of kids to school. This must be counted as there are many things need to be purchased (spent).

January 2011

Adjusting to new time table / schedule. Ikhwan will be in standard 3 while Marsya in standard 1 in the same school. Alya will remain in kindergarten because she is still 6 years old (next year). She will be in standard 1 in 2012.


Well, those above, as mentioned earlier are just few of the itinerary that I can remember. There are some more which has not yet been included here. Not to mention my experiments and other research work. Oh gosh!!!

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18 Responses

  1. Hairil Rizal says:

    Whoaaa..that sure needs a lot of preparation, planning and not to forget – REST too!

    Hey, u go to KL not inform me ah??

    OK, ok.. I understand u r bz. Me too!

  2. cyza says:


    1) Why I am not surprise…it’s you again…the first commenter!!!

    2) Yeah…not only preparation, planning, REST, but also MONEY MONEY MONEY…. Need lots that CASH…

    3) Why not… I can meet you in PJ… If you are around… I’ll just wait in my hotel in PJ area…then why not you pop up there…? Last week, Umar (remember him) met and fetched me before we had a long chat at a nearby mamak restaurant… If you are bizi, no prob…

  3. wow, you really have tight schedule.. i wonder how you manage to split between family and work.

  4. cyza says:

    It’s not easy but I need to do it. It’s really tiring… that’s why yesterday, I slept at 10pm. Actually, I had a short nap at 7 while watching Cinta Kirana… haha…

    But live goes on and we need to continue to live our lives to the fullest…

  5. yeaa.. i guess we only can do whats the best we can do right…

  6. catzer says:

    banyak tul aktiviti ko erk..heheheh

  7. cyza says:

    Ala sikit je tu…

  8. azwan says:

    wah … sibuk giler …. jangan layan sgt, nanti peing kepala.

  9. titan says:

    wahh..sorang satu laptop..

  10. Tun says:

    Sibuk: kata nak jadik Ir n Dr…mmg la BUSY…BUSY…BUSY…
    3 laptops: yg tgh tu ‘subsidi kerajaan’…yg kiri kanan tu…hemmm…? tanya maknye lah…oh ya…bukan patut ada satu lagi ka…
    tapi yg pasti yg kiri main games n yg kanan tgk movie…yg tgh tu…tgh nego price 4 dot..dot..dot…:)
    banyak belanja: x pe…sume perbelanjaan tu kira invesment 4 d future…insha’allah 3 org tu (if d ‘factory’ closed) akan jadik hamba allah yg berjasa pada ibu bapa nya pada masa akan dtg…:)
    (x pe…kita cite panjang kat bilik 105…)

  11. cyza says:

    Huh…thanks for your understanding bro… 😉

    I’ll try to control…

  12. cyza says:


    Pandai ko memberi komentar yang panjang…ada potensi jadi guess blogger kat blog aku ni…hehe…


    Ada 4 laptop sebenarnya, tapi yang ke-4 tu dia punya built in charger rosak….kena repair dulu…

  13. boss says:

    look like your daughter ready for a beach trip..

  14. Okay, so I procrastinate a lot even though I am a very organized person. I hate doing it but I just keep putting my homework off thinking..

  15. Dimensions says:

    Thanks a lot all is nice all is share again by again thanks for more impression sharing.

  16. Preparation of kids to school. we have lot of think of kids.

  1. October 30, 2010

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