New Facelift, New WordPress Version

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I don’t understand. Suddenly, while watching Manchester United versus Southampton in a FA cup tie clash, suddenly, I am motivated to search for a new theme and also at the same time upgrade this blog to the latest WP version -> WordPress 3.0.4.

How do you like my new theme?

This is what I wanted all this while. Generous space for me to exhibit some photos later. I don’t want to stick to the limited 450 pixels width that the previous theme can only accommodate. Now I have more. Check out the photo of my laptops below:

As for the new WordPress 3.0.4, I’m not sure yet what is the pros and cons. I just press the upgrade button and it automatically back up and upgrade to the latest version. I hope it is safe and stable.

My 2011 Blogging Style

I guess, I’m going to blog not as often as before. Possibly I’m going to make the post shorter as well. Don’t us me why because, well, you know… I have other commitments. So, I cannot focus entirely on this blog alone.

p/s: There are 3 laptops in the photo above. The black one is my first laptop (1998). I just threw it away somewhere during my massive once every 5 year spring cleaning day. Next to it is my wife’s HP compact (2004) while the Toshiba laptop (2006) lying behind also belongs to my wife. Not in the photo, my Toshiba Laptop (2008) and also my F700 HP Compact (2007) which is now experiencing a terrible mother board injury…hehe… I’m thinking of getting a new laptop for back up, just in case…

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13 Responses

  1. Bubbles says:

    If your life is not going so well then this article can help you in many ways. This post is very interesting, especially these days. I think the only two places where you can find real informations are blogs and forums.

  2. titan says:

    emm..beli la yang baru..hehe.. 🙂

  3. cyza says:

    Haha…InsyaAllah…will be considered bro… 🙂

  4. azwan says:

    i still prefer to use the PC when at home. lebih puas walaupun tak mobile. Seldom touch the notebook at home.

  5. cyza says:

    Hmmm…maybe I should also consider PC too…let’s see…

  6. budeen says:

    buy a powerful CPU and connect to your brand new 42″ plasma.. hehe

  7. Hairil Rizal says:

    Hi, lama tak singgah sini….sbb tuan blog pun jarang singgah sini. Hehe! Understood Cyza…commitments!
    No prob with your new theme…it just looked…matured. Hehe!

    Jumpa lagi okay! 🙂

  8. cyza says:

    Budeen… I don’t know if that is a good idea or not… But I’m not opting for that solution…haha

  9. cyza says:

    Hi Warlord…

    Nice having you here after such a long time of me not updating my blog…

    Yeah…commitment diverted elsewhere…what to do…

    Matured…haha…a little bit kot..

  10. hen do says:

    I am having my own web site , now I like to create a blog, can some one help me out.I have wordpress, jhoomla with my hosting server, but dont know how to install and make a blog section on my website. can anyone help me out.Thanks.

  11. there is security update release in wordpress 3.0.5, the later version wordpress 3.1 focus on multisite feature. You dont need to upgrade if you use blog for your self.

  12. bujang3 says:

    banyaknyer laptop….

  13. farahaznil says: kaya..boleh le..aku br ada 1 je..tu pun mak bapak bagi..hoho

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