Anwar Ibrahim Video Case – Another Angle of the Case

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I’m not sure who or what to believe? What do you think?

Wait!!! before I proceed…let me say that I’m neutral… I’m just worried to spend a night in a hotel room with my wife!!! That’s why I always switch of the light when I want to sleep (in a hotel)….LOL….

After learning about the sex video of a leading opposition leader, I can’t believe it. Why all these? Why the sodomy claims? Why there are so much hatred and evil agenda in our politics? This issue has been prolonged for more than a decade already.

I’m not saying that I’m favouring anybody. I just want to see some peacefulness in our country. I want to see calmness and the 1 Malaysia spirit.

About the sex videos which was recently revealed to selected medias? Why? If you don’t like him (the person), should you embarrass that guy like that, even if you know he is the main actor in the video?

If we scrutiny this case, there are several parties involved. But, the party I want to focus on is the camera recorder installer... who installed it? Was it secretly implanted in the hotel room? If that is so, how could this happen? So, if we spend a night in a hotel, can we ensure that the hotel room is installed with a camera to record us having sex with our spouse? How can we be sure that there are no secretly and well position camera placed in our hotel room? Where goes our privacy…for a little intimacy?

Should we ask the receptionist before getting a room…. “Is the room installed with secret cameras?”… Should we ask that?

The answer will definitely be… “No, we don’t install cameras in our guess rooms. It is against our policy and integrity…”.

Will you believe the sweet talk of the receptionist? So, my practice up to now is…

Number 1

Upon entering the room, I do a very thorough engineering check up on each and every angle in the hotel room. Check the lights, the aircondition ventilation, the mirrors, any digital device, the photo frame, the vase, the plants, the baskets, the ceiling downlight, the table lamp, the TV…check everything…

Check out this site to see the list of items that secret camera can be installed!!! You will be amazed with 44 items that a secret spy camera can be installed. After that, go to this site in case you also want to buy spy camera to install in your house or office or anywhere… The price are reasonable too…haha

Then, if you are satisfied, the chances of having a secretly embedded tiny video camera (with or without sound recorder) is slim. At least we have check it. Well, that’s the first thing to do…

Number 2

The second thing to do, just to be in the safe side and not being in a video (in case i or you missed out the secret camera video technology) – Don’t ever commit on a sexual intercourse in the hotel room!!! If this is so, we win!! We WIN Big time!!! The video installer will be frustrated as they don’t have new video stock to excite them…haha…and no video for them to sell in the internet, or pass to the media…or bluetooth with their friends…haha…

However, if you cannot tolerate your libido, do it under the silky white comforter (if you stay in an expansive 5 star hotel lah). To be extra safe…switch of the lights and close the thick curtains.

Integrity of Hotel

Nevertheless, the main issue here is the integrity of the hotel. The hotel management should be serious in respecting the privacy of the guess. Well…that can’t be denied…the hotel management staff, I think will try their best to ensure this…However, there are a number of staffs who are crazy and cooperate in planting the camera. These maniac should be identified and fired straight away…or hand them to the cops!!!

OK… I rest my case… Next time you spend 1 or more nights in a hotel room…be extra cautious…Don’t be naked and don’t make a new box office movie!!!

We also don’t want politicians and non-politicians sex videos!!! It sucks…

Good luck!!! 🙂

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9 Responses

  1. Hairil Rizal says:

    I must agree on the point that you’ve brought on the privacy of hotel guests. Remember the case of Nasha Aziz? A victim of spy camera too.

  2. Asset Labels says:

    There must be something great about Anwar that the Umno goons will go to all means and extent to tarnish him and pull him down.

  3. As far as the judicial system in Malaysia is concerned-I will be surprised that the Judge will acquit Anwar Ibrahim-I hope the Judge surprises me.

  4. cyza says:

    Yes…luckily the video was not spread in the net.

  5. azwan says:

    It was la … Aku pun dapat dari internet.

  6. cyza says:

    Eh ye ke…nampak sangat ko mencari…haha…aku tak sempat cari pun…tapi kalau ada orang nak emailkan kat aku…aku delete je…muhahaha

  7. Azwan says:

    Masa tu curious

  8. cyza says:

    OO….so dah tgk lah yea? Then, what do you think?

  9. farahaznil says:

    haha..sampai la ni..gua tak dapat cari video anwar tu..nak juga tgk…bukan nak tgk porno..nak tgk pelakunya!

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