My Proton Exora Service @ 59,900

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I just serviced my White Proton Exora today, on a peaceful Sunday morning. It’s a major service. I was always late to service my MPV on time. I have booked my service time in the morning yesterday by calling to the service station.

So, here are the status of my white Proton Exora before and during 59,900 km:

Driving experience – so far OK, satisfying, still love it.

Radio – The radio’s volume controller is not functioning. For now (since 2 or 3 weeks ago, we’ve been adjusting the volume from the steering controller.

Wiper – The wiper’s motion is not smooth. It moved but with some disturbance. I was not sure why. But after checking it just now, actually the rubber on the wiper has harden and that resulted to the poor motion of the wiper.

Belting – The car is now quite noisy due to the belting. According to the mechanic, if I want to eliminate the sound, I need to change the belting. However, when the environment in the engine is warmer, the sound disappears. I think I will change it later, together with the timing belt.

Discovery during service:

The mechanic though discovered something when they service my white proton exora. The pipe assembly (i’m not sure which part) has worn out and created a tiny hole. This pipe touches another cable… I’m not sure which one which and as a result the oil pipe experience a tiny drop of petrol. If not treated fast, my fuel can be wasted just like that. I need to ask the mechanic again on this because I’m not entirely sure and comprehend what’s going on.

So, during this service visit, two items have been replaced (under warranty) which are “PIPE ASSY WRT CLAIM (Part number PW827322) and “ASSY THERMOSTAT WRT CLAIM” (PW811761). This part is one of the numerous areas being check when you send your Proton Exora for service. My white MPV was the first case in Waja Aggresive Sdn. Bhd.

Total cost of the Major Service: RM391.54(including government tax RM7.20 and Procare Smart [labour charge] RM120).

p/s: The proton exora is not the one in the service station i went just now. This was the image when I change the thermostat last year (under warranty).

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5 Responses

  1. titan says:

    kete saga aku selalu kena dekat seratus lebih aje. Em..makin besar keta, makin mahal bayarnya yek..

  2. cyza says:

    Well, tak juga bro…Aku servis major…kalau servis biasa RM100++ juga…dekat2 200 gaks…

  3. titan says:

    emm..major? kalau major, aku baru buat sekali. Itupun 200 lebih…tapi dekat 400, waahh, sakit kepala gak tu..

  4. cyza says:

    haha… RM400 tu dah biasa… itu hari Exora aku punya brake pad mahal nak mampos…masa tu aku bayar RM700 ++ . Tension gaks…

    Aku rasa ada yang amik kesempatan…sebab brake pad biasa murah je…RM100++ je… Kena ketok gila…

  5. farahaznil says:

    gila bapak rm700…..mahal nak mampus

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